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October 13, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Seeing that number always astounds me.

I was born into a world where screens are dominant.

I am okay with that.

It's how I grew up, it's how I live my life. I sometimes think about growing up in a different time, and still with everything that has happened, I'm okay being here, and now, and me.

Seeing that number makes me feel small.

Like I could crawl under my bed and play hide and go seek with my brothers until forever.

It makes me wish for what once was, for the days when I was just a little kid.

Seeing that number makes me feel old.

I feel farther along than that number.  It's too low to truly represent all that I've lived through, everything I've seen, to sum up everything contained in my head.

Seeing that number makes me feel sad.

It makes me wish it were higher, so that maybe I would have more respect.

I want it to be less for the memories, I want it to be more for the sake of the views of others, and I wish it to stay the same for all time.

Seeing that number makes me remember.

It makes me think about everything that had happened since that fateful Friday the Thirteenth, and everything that came before it.

Seeing that number makes me happy. 

That is me. That is who I am right now. That is my age, that is the age of my friends, that is my life. 

Seeing that number makes me wonder.

What does it mean?
Why is age so important?
Why am I treated as lesser because of it?

Seeing that number makes me numb.

It washes off all the decorations, the walls I built up, the facades that once were.

It is the truth. I cannot change it. There is not much more to it.

Seeing that number makes me angry.

So many younger have fared so much worse, and so many older still sit on their thrones of "wisdom" and "respect" until we are forced to bow down. 


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  • AlliWrites

    I would post my age, but another problem with it is that people tend to take advantage of those who share it with me.

    3 months ago