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I haven't been very active lately because of school, but I love reading other people's work so if you'd like me to take a look at one of your pieces, just comment! I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible :)


November 3, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

fourteen, like a fortune cookie,
I'm told the whole, plain truth in a sentence:
growing up isn't all that exciting.
the movies lied when they made high school look happy
and all those adults that told me "don't grow up so fast"
were right. my mom isn't so tall anymore,
I shadow over her and she looks tired more often.
fourteen, like glasses, like a reality check.
I am forced to notice that my mom's smile is sometimes sad,
with my new height I can see how her shoulders crumble.
the boys that used to play hide and seek with me during recess
now speak of girls bodies in desperate excitement
when they think no one is listening.
fourteen, like an hourglass, a stopwatch,
I look back at old photographs and can't recall
the events they depict, how could 3rd grade
have happened so long ago. little me wanted to be
old so bad, she forgot to play with the kids at recess,
spent her free time planning instead of playing. 
fourteen, like permanent marker, what you do now
defines your future. homework papers litter
the floor of my bedroom, you couldn't see nothing
but geometry problems against graph paper
even if you tried. notebooks that I
used to write stories on in pink pen,
but only blue or black ink allowed in high school,
no barbie colors. we are professionals now.
im fourteen but I want to be eight,
once I'm eight I'll want to be twenty.
fourteen, like the beckoning of adulthood,
but I don't wanna grow up anymore.
I run my imagination while i'm supposed to be 
taking diagnostics, sleep more than ever,
and accidentally talk back with sass.
I hug my dogs every chance I get
and pretend my car is a rocket ship
when my mom drives on the freeway.
because at fourteen, you're still a kid
even if the world doesn't want you to be.



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  • liv marie

    this is so beautiful and well written! i love this, great job!
    re: thanks!

    3 months ago
  • silent.perspective

    i love this

    3 months ago