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Message to Readers

Be sure to check out the other poems in this series! I have one for every month January to June, so far. I really love writing these and I'm so glad that you guys are enjoying them too!

The Colors of June

June 13, 2018


An ocean tide
Splashing against your ankles
Leaving shells in its wake

Blotchy peach and scarlet
A sunburn
Sunscreen left forgotten in your bag
And tan lines from your t-shirt

Soft, silky white
A tree
Petals dropping from branches
And letting emerald leaves shine

Fiery violet
A sunset
Watching with a loved one
Sun sinking beneath the horizon

Tiger orange
A campfire
Children running 'round the yard
And marshmallows roasting on twigs

Flashing red
A concert
Picnic blankets on the grass
Watching live bands at the park

Tarnished gold
A ring
A loud bell sounds
And summer begins
My sixth poem in my "Colors" series. June's official color for me is bright orange (fifth stanza) which comes from my synesthesia, which is 1) my inspiration for these poems, and 2) a really interesting topic if any of you have it or want to look it up.


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1 Comment
  • Aspen Gray

    So you actually have synesthesia? Wow! Lovely poem, I could practically feel the sunblock and taste the smoke.

    2 months ago