Peer Review by Kate Gardner

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Color Collection

By: WishfulKittyKat1

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

Lippersmacker is a bright, pinkish red, the color of a split lip before blood begins to pool. (lip-er-smack-er)

Starebien is a dark, shiny black like a friend's pupil as your eyes start to water and your vision starts to blur. (stare-bee-in)

Croat is the dull, greyish brown of a tree in late autumn as it goes to sleep. (crow-at)

Selent is the color of the glare that takes over your vision when you look up at the trees and the sunlight seeps through just right. (say-lent)

Topac is the foamy white of the water that runs out of a faucet, laughing, as you wash your hands.  (toe-pack)

Peer Review

I like your use of personification. The idea of sleeping trees and laughing faucets gives a sense of magic to your writing.

I would use the colors here described to paint a sunset.

Reviewer Comments

I love how you chose to give your colors unique names instead of only using portmanteaus of other words.