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I don't even know when I wrote this, I just found it in my file folders today, and thought I would post it to see what you all thought. Let me know if it sucks, or if you love it, or..... anything. O_o

The Elements

June 13, 2018


Fire. It was the thing that she feared the most. Fire had destroyed her life, and now, the flames in her mind wouldn’t go away. They were there as she fell asleep, when she woke up and rubbed her eyes, the flames danced and re-told the story of what they had done to her. They tortured her. They tortured her memory. Her memory of how things had been before. She longed for a moment when she didn’t have to shiver in the cold. She hated anything warm. She invited the icy cold into her heart, and lived with it. The ice that had been built up in her heart, was so thick, that not even the hottest flames could melt it.
   She heard laughter. Her footsteps slowed to a silent prowl. She had learned over the years how to avoid being seen by people. She slipped behind a tree and peered out and toward the laughter. Young people laughed and talked around a large bonfire. She shuddered. How could people love fire? They were so entertained by it. Fire, was a deadly venom, which struck hard, and was merciless. All those people had no idea what they were doing. They were making a huge mistake, loving fire. The girl drew back into the shadows again. She held up her hand and stared at her palm. And she had been cursed with fire. Her hand clenched into a fist. She took one more look at the campers, then slunk into the darkness. As she sat with her back against a tree, she focused on her hand again. She summoned thought slightly about the deadly heat. A tiny flame sparked up and danced across her palm. Her body shook. She took a deep breath, and focused on her breathing as the little flame licked at her hand, and danced around, as if happy that she had let it come to life. She scowled at it. Her attention had been so focused, that she didn’t sense the stranger approaching.
The girl jumped to her feet and grabbed the staff next to her. A young man stood there. He wore jeans and a blue t-shirt. He wore hiking boots. How on earth did he sneak up on her with those on? She scowled, and stared at him. He stared right back.
   “What are you doing here?”
She didn’t move, didn’t say anything, she didn’t even blink. He took a step toward her.
   “Are you okay? Is someone here with you?”
She still remained as a tense statue. He stepped away, then sat down against the tree that she had just been leaning against. She turned, following his movement. He looked up at her, then whispered,
   “I saw you with the flame in your hand. I didn’t know that there were others.”
Her eyes widened.
She said, in spite of staying silent. He nodded.
Confirming it.
   “They aren’t very many though. We’re called The Elements. Apparently, this top secret group needs to find all of them, so that we will help end the war.”
She frowned.
   “How do I know you’re not trying to get me to reveal my secrets?”
The boy shrugged.
   “I’m Abner.”
He held out his hand. She very slowly reached for it. He shook it with a firm, friendly grip. She sat down next to him and was silent.
   “Do you live by yourself?”
She glanced at the girl, still standing by herself, silent and not moving, and nodded. Abner’s eye widened.
   “How long have you been by yourself?”
She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and scowled. She stood.
   “You talk too much.”
She walked across the small clearing that made up her campsite and sat facing him on the other side of the circle.
   "Who's she?"
Abner looked up at the dark, Asian girl. 
   "This is Eira." 
He looked back at the girl. 
   "What's your name?"
Her eyes narrowed in suspicion for a moment. 
Abner (means - light)
Eira (means - snow)
Enya (means - fire) 


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  • Victoria Penning

    Hi Mae! Thanks! I miiiiight possibly consider writing more of The Elements, but I'm not sure yet. :)
    That's okay, I like random things. XD That is so cool! We are a lot alike!!!! I can't wait to read your writing! :)

    11 months ago
  • Mae

    Hi! I think this is awesome! I would definitely love to hear more about The Elements.
    This might sound completely random, but I am 16 (also), I have 11 siblings (also), and I am number 7, stuck right in the middle of them all (also!). Weird how we're alike like that. Anyways, I'm Mae and I'd love to hear more of your writing. Keep up the good work. :-)

    11 months ago