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Jesus loves you, and I do too.

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Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong.

'For God to loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoso ever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.'
John 3:16

Evidence for Angels: Chapter 9

June 13, 2018


  ‘Why are you so mean? They’re just trying to help you.’
  How do you know? What if they’re just being nice to me to make me totally unsuspecting for whatever they have planned?
 ‘Can’t you just try being reasonable?’
  But what if they shouldn’t be trusted? What else would I have to suffer through because of them?
The voice ceased its gentle arguing with Abbie as she sat on the edge of the barn window. Her legs dangled over the edge. She rested her head on the wooden trim as she watched the sun start to fade. Its colors changing to a beautiful, soft orange. She sighed, and closed her eyes to the battle raging in her heart and mind. Her eyes popped back open when she heard footsteps on the stairs. Daniel. Again. Abbie gave another sigh and huddled in the corner of the window with her arms crossed. As if she was trying to block him and the world off of her life. Daniel crossed the hay loft and cautiously sat down next to her. Silence reigned in the barn for a while.
Daniel took a careful breath.
   “So…. I was talking with Hilda, and…”
Abbie forgot her determination to ignore him, and turned at his hesitance.
   “I asked her if I could teach you how to drive the ATV. She said yes.”
Abbie’s fear seemed to slip away as her lifelong dream of getting to drive an ATV seemed to be coming true.
She gasped. Daniel smiled at her eagerness, and how the fear slipped out of her eyes, and a sparkle replaced it.
   “Yup. Do you want to start now before it gets dark?”
The fear slipped back into Abbie’s heart, and she guarded herself once more. She leaned away slightly.
   “Sure. If you want.”
Disappointment filled Daniel as he realized that Abbie had pulled her walls back up again. 
   “Okay. I’ve got the keys.”
Daniel stood and stepped toward the stairs. He paused for a moment to look back and see if she was coming. Instead, Abbie was reaching for the rope. Daniel bolted for the window.
   “Abbie, no!”
She almost disappeared from the window when Daniel threw himself on his stomach and grabbed her wrist. Abbie gasped in surprise as she jerked to a stop. She looked up at him.
   “What are you doing?”
   “Stopping you from getting out of my sight.” He pulled Abbie back up to the loft. She grabbed the edge of the window with her free hand, while Daniel grabbed her elbow and helped her up. As soon as she had both legs in the loft, she quickly rolled away from Daniel and stood.
   “I’ve slid down ropes a lot. My friend Carly had little brothers, and they had a rope tied next to their tree house, and we would slide down. You didn’t have to worry about me.”
   “I wasn’t worried about you physically, I didn’t want you to have time to get away from me.”
Daniel paused for a moment when he heard how that sounded, and as fear and anger grew in Abbie’s eyes.
   “You know what, I’m kind of tired. You can teach to drive tomorrow.” She turned and quickly thumped down the stairs.
      ‘Why? Why does he insist on trying to be nice? Men just aren’t capable of doing that kind of thing. He’s never going to change my opinion of men. But…. What if he and Hilda are right? Can there be men who are different?’
Abbie pondered this question as she walked back to the house, with Daniel noticeably behind her. All the things her father did to her in the past flashed through her memory.
     ‘No. I don’t believe there can be.’
Hilda looked up as the two entered the house.
   “No ATV lessons?”
   “Not tonight. Good night Hilda.”
Abbie disappeared around the corner, and hurried up the stairs.
Hilda looked over at Daniel. Daniel shook his head.
   “I think we’re both moving too fast for her.”


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