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Echo World

June 13, 2018

The ice blue water staring me down, making my overheated body have the urge to run straight in and never come out. But yet I stay walking down the never ending street, feet aching from the solid ground beneath me. The scorching air burning through my skin. The crisp leaves crunching under foot with every step forward you take. Kids discussing what they had learnt during the day, spreading gossip as fast as algae growing on water about who likes who or if anyone as has died over night. Adults watering their mullein hoping that at the end of this dreadful summer they’ll have something bright, beautiful and yellow that they can have in their garden as a display of the hard work they put themselves up to. My brown hair sticking to my forehead as if absorbing the sweat that keeps piling on my face, stopping what feels like every second trying to pull it back, how girls deal with long hair I have no clue.
Turning down the next street, hoping to see the white car that belongs to my mother, but just my luck the drive way empty, legs seeming to understand how close I am, from walking like a turtle to running like a lion. Within seconds I’m at the front door gasping for air sweat dripping onto the pavement god I hate it here. I take a second to pull myself together before knocking on the door praying that Noah got home before me, but no other movement apart from mine happened. Sitting down with a sigh letting myself relax for the first that afternoon. Woken from the familiar voice that belongs to Leo.
‘hey dude, you ok’ Leo asked
‘What do you think.’
‘Why so pissed’ he asked before sitting down next to me.
‘Well to start it’s so freaking hot today and I’m locked out of my house.’
‘You know you can over anytime.’
‘Yeah but I was hot and can’t be bothered moving.’
‘Yeah you were hot but that’s never coming back’ he stated with a laugh earning from me what was meant to be a death stare but formed into a smile.
‘Come on let’s go.’
‘Fine I wined standing up’
Most of the walk was in a comfortable silence mainly because neither one of us could be bothered actually talking, even though so many subjects were running through my mind. Leo’s house was only half an hour away at most, but who knows how long it will take with the sun burning down on us. I finally let words slip through my mouth.
‘Are your parents’ home.’
‘Nah should still be working but honestly who knows.’
‘Alright you sure its ok for me to come’ I asked slightly nervous for no reason.
Dude we’ve known each other since we were like two or something it’s all good. He speaks while running his hand through his dirty blonde hair that’s somehow still perfectly sitting on the top of his head unlike mine that’s probably sticking up in all directions. Once again I’m knocked out of my own thoughts by Leo speaking.
‘You know that Scarlett chick right.’
‘Yeah. Why’ I asked since it’s totally out of the blue.
Before quickly adding on ‘you like her don’t you’ a smirk ending on my face.
‘No, I just I mean she been weird the last couple weeks you know.’
‘Hadn’t really noticed that much but if she seems off maybe one of her parents caught the disease or something.’
‘You can’t just say that’, he fired back at me totally serious all of a sudden
‘Come on I know you think about who the next person will be, everyone does.’
‘Still you can’t say that.’
‘Why, nothing can stop it. People are dying every day the stupid chips aren’t doing shit and everyone knows it but isn’t brave enough to say it out loud’ I harshly said.
Minutes pasted and no one said anything the silence wasn’t comfortable anymore.
‘Sorry I shouldn’t have said that just everyone acts like everything’s fine.’
‘Yeah because people don’t want to think about dying or their love ones dying Alex’, Leo quietly spoke no louder than a mouse. 
‘And any way I saw her parents the other day at the shops so they haven’t died yet’ he added now looking at the pavement in front of his feet.
Hearing laughing. I look up, my eyes landing on a small group of girls including two that I actually recognize Hazel and Scarlett. Lightly hitting Leos arm earning his attention, before he fully realisers what’s happening were already walking over to them.
‘Hey girls’, I spoke loudly breaking up their pervious conversation.
‘hi Alex Leo whata doing here’ spoke Hazel confidence laced through her words.
‘Just came to say hello to you beautiful girls’, I spoke a smirk growing larger until it covered my face.
‘Well now that you’ve done that I think it’s best you leave’ Hazel said again in that controlling tone of hers
‘From when do you control what we do’ said Leo finally speaking up, making Scarlett turn around eyes widening with every muscle she moved, all of a sudden Hazel had nothing to say just stood there eyes wide mouth slightly opened staring at him, eyes not leaving his face for a couple of seconds.
‘Any way how are you Scarlett, been up to much lately’. My focus now making its way to Scarlett who’s now staring at the light grey ground likes it the best thing around her and we all know that’s a lie because let’s be honest I’m here, a slight chuckle escaping my lips afterwards.
‘Umm good I guess nothing much has been happening you’ Scarlett spoke still looking at the ground.
‘You were at the hospital the other day everything okay’.
‘Yeah I just got my chip put in that’s all’.
‘Oh cool how was it’.
‘Um ok I guess. It actually hurt a lot more than I thought it would now I think about it’.
‘That’s weird mine didn’t hurt at all’ I spoke.
‘What about you guys’ I ask turning to the rest of the group that are slowly dropping away like flies.
‘Nah they just cut your wrist put the damn chip in and stitch it back up and you’re out of there’ spoke Leo.
‘I was in there for like 20 minutes because I didn’t feel well and apparently went very pale as well’. Scarlett spoke confusion washing over her face from start to finish.
‘That is weird do you know why it happened or what may have caused it’, I ask now being the one that wants the information.
‘No they said I would be fine, it might just be a cold coming on or something so we just left after’ Scarlett replied.
‘Mm you good now’, I asked hoping she was fine.
‘Yeah I seem fine but you never now’, she spoke a smile finishing on her face.
‘Good well we’ll leave you girls to your gossip session’ I said for the final time before turning on my heal walking away with Leo.
As we continued walking to Leo’s after stopping for our little chat with Scarlett, Hazel and the other girls. The burning sun was being replace with harsh blowing wind, how the weather can change so much in one day I have no idea.
You’re probably wondering what the chip things are that we were talking about. Well lets me just fill you in with the history of where I live and have called home all my life. How do I put this….well let’s put it this way bear with me it might get confusing but we’ll see when we get there, alright so there’s a disease silent creeping paradise as the kids call it mainly because it doesn’t have an official name yet, all we really know is it’s past by contact not skin contact but if they touch something with their bare hands than the next person to touch it has around an 86% chance of catching it. It’s weird but that’s how people get it, what’s even worse about it though is the only symptoms are low blood pressure, hearing sounds that aren’t actually there, and feeling out of balance mentally and physically and after getting all of those you would only have a couple days left unfortunately. So there’s not much you can do if you catch it. Doctors and scientists have tried to find a way to stop it or what part of the body it attacks first, but no one knew anything until our parents came home and told us they were going to try these things called ‘chips’ that will go in your wrist to somehow track your blood pressure, heart rate, and other health related stuff that I don’t know the name of. I almost forgot to mention that this disease pretty much wiped everyone out, but a lucky 1,500 people were able to move over to Oman but somehow the disease followed us. So far only 50 or so people have died of the silent creeping paradise, it might seem like a lot but it’s not when it almost wiped out every man on earth.
Starting from this year every kid that was or wanted to be enrolled at school has to have a chip in their system to ensure the school has the lowest chance of catching it then spreading it to more innocent people. Scarlett one of the girls Leo and I were talking to earlier, her parents were fighting over the chip thing from all the rumours that have gone around it sounds like they didn’t have enough money to pay for it or they didn’t want her to have it, even though she told us today she got one put in last week. My thoughts were broken off by Leo for the third time this afternoon.
‘Dude we’re here’ Leo spoke.
‘Oh alright I might actually head home my mind just isn’t able to stay in one place right now’. 
‘It seemed to stay put when you were thinking to yourself’ Leo fired back.
‘Fine just thinking about Scarlett, her chip and some other personal stuff you know’.
‘If you need someone to talk to I’m always here you know. Hang on Scarlett?’ Leo said voice screaming confusion by the end.
‘Yeah, Scarlett the chick you like remember’
‘Dude I don’t like her it’s Hazel I just think something might be up or something that’s all’.
‘Well if you feel that way why don’t you just talk to her like a normal person would you know’
‘Fine I will’ Leo snapped back.
We walked for another couple of metres in silence.
‘Day dreaming again or couldn’t come up with a comeback’ Leo spoke.
‘Very funny’.
‘So you still gonna head home or you could continue down this path to an air condition house’, Leo spoke in a joking tone a smile never leaving his face.
‘Yeah I’m still gonna head home if that’s alright’.
‘Of course it is just don’t get hit by a car or anything man’.
‘Wow. Thanks I’ll try not to but you never know bye mate’.  
‘Bye dude’.
After saying our good bye’s, I turned on my heal and started walking away getting ready for my mind to slowly take over my body again.
Next Day- Scarlett
Waking to sunlight blinding you isn’t it the best thing in the world. See how I didn’t wish for it to go way I just need to rephrase how I say things from now on.
Oh yeah, I’m Scarlett by the way. One of many girls Alex and Leo were most likely talking to yesterday afternoon, the one that had to get the government to pay for her chip or just Scarlett, I never really know what people see me as these days. But I know for sure that ever since I got that chip weird things have been happening like an hour after, I was on my way home when I started feeling like having pizza scrolls and somehow when I got home mum was like just in time I decide to make something new I hope you’re up to trying pizza scrolls if not its fine, your probably not freaked out by this at all, but let me tell you this more has been happening ever since that chip was put in my system, let me tell you if I was given three wishes the first would  be to get rid of this damned thing but no lucky enough for me my life is turning into one big wish. Wait that most likely means nothing to you right well let me just fill you in a tiny bit more on the last couple week/days so got the chip in had pizza scroll than on my way to school the next morning with the cold winter morning air that we have here brushing up against my bare now white as snow legs gently shaking with every second step I take what an idiot for forgetting to grab the washing from outside now stuck wearing shorts that don’t even go near my mid-thigh just my luck isn’t it wishing I had longer pants or a big jumper anything that could save me from this ever ending chill when out of nowhere a car came down the old dirt road stopping 10 or so meters ahead waiting for me when I got there I was greeted with ‘hello honey I couldn’t help but wonder why your wearing shorts on a cold morning like this’ she pause as if waiting of an answers but then continued adding ‘I have a pair of old sweats in the back just going to drop them off at the op shop you know but if you want them there yours’ why was this person being so nice to me I was beyond shocked at this but really need the pair of pants at the same time so a little whisper escaped my lips ‘I forgot to bring them inside last night would you mind if I took the sweats’ as if she knew what I was going to say yes she rose from her seat to get me the pants I thanked her before taking them and running to a nearby tree to change when I went back she was gone almost as if she was never really there.
See what I mean weird things are happening whenever I wish for something but no one else knows well at least I haven’t told anyone hazel probably noticed something was up yesterday guess I will finally have to answer some questions about it well let’s see how she takes it but either way she’s not telling one soul.
Every day, it gets harder the fact that you can want so much in life yet can’t act or even speak about it without over thinking it. That is why I have decided today I will go, and talk to Doctor Brown the man that put my chip in.
A thumping noise echoing throw out my head getting louder with every step I take. People talking, conversations growing louder making my head burn. Bones feeling heavy making me want to stop right where I am regretting coming this far without turning around. Maybe I don’t need to see him I mean he can’t do anything about it, there’s probably nothing even wrong just my head playing tricks on me. But before I know it I’m standing outside the local hospital, frozen not wanting to walk through the clear double door but knowing I should just to make sure everything’s alright with my health or just with my life. Finally getting the courage to take a step forward to enter the hospital about to find out the truth about that chip.  
Just put one foot in front of the other. Keep walking don’t look back, never go there again, never talk about the stupid chips again they don’t work. It’s safe to I’ll never be the same again.  
Date 23/7/3021 (next year)- Alex
The red dust getting caught in the blowing wind, attacking my eyes vision being filled with small black dots slowly. Managing to keep standing, upright bones feeling like jelly wobbling with every step. People calling each other’s name or just stay where you are I’ll come and find you just watch out and don’t think please. Just try to grab a hold of something stop get your breath close your eyes take a damn second than open your eyes again. Taking a deep breath letting it out slowly trying to relax a bit yet it’s not working at all. Leo’s voice breaking me out of every possible thought I could have been having in that point in time.
‘Dude thank god your ok’, Leo spoke.
‘You’re ok right Alex’.
‘Yeah just tried and sore’, I replied.  
‘You need some help’.
‘What do you think’, I spoke harshly.
‘Oh right coming’, Leo said before moving quickly.  
Coming to stand beside me, Leo’s arm went around my torso trying to provide some form of help. The pace of our walking increasing with every second step we take trying to find some form of shelter from this war that we brought on ourselves.  As we’re walking the sounds of kids screaming for their life calls of parents trying to find their kids wanting nothing else but this to be over for once and for all was echoing through my head.
Coming to a fast stop, I see we’re outside an old pub before being pushed inside eyes winding as I see the faces I never thought I would see again. My brother, both my parents sitting together for the first time in years, Hazel sitting next to a crying Scarlett, their families all around the room too but something missing having one last glance around the room I figure it out, Leo’s family aren’t in here.
‘Where are your parents and sister Leo’, the question itself came out like a whisper, watching his face fall before he even answered gave me his response.

‘I’m so sorry I didn’t know’, I added straight after.  
‘They’re still out there somewhere wither their are dead or alive though is another question’, he spoke bravely a tear slowly making its way down his face trying to be strong but wanting nothing else than to let it all out and be told everything will be ok even if it wasn’t going to be.
Once it’s cleared a bit we’ll go out and see if they’re there if you want.
‘There’s no point thousands of people die every day there’s nothing we can do if their alive they will find us I’m not putting anyone in danger, you guys don’t deserve it’.
‘I should go, I mean this is because of me isn’t it, the war the fact everyone’s dying’. Scarlett spoke up now standing face red from the waterfall that had only just stopped.
‘No one is leaving ok we just need to stay in here we have food and drinks to last us years’, Leo said seeming much braver than he had ever been before let me tell you that.
Every one slowly sat down. Silence making it’s way to all of us while I’m getting ready to never leave this small rundown pub for the rest of my life.
Let me tell you what went down in the past year. Scarlett was shutting herself out from everything in her life hazel knew why she was doing this so as well as the fact she started dating Leo using that to my advantage I got Leo to find out what the hell was happening but when he was told someone else was also listening going on to tell everyone that the chip Scarlett got was put in wrong it takes what you wish for and makes it real gives it to you. People stared going back to Doctor Brown offering him things if he would just do the same for their chip and with him being the idiot that he is he gladly said yes to the first 150 people that came to him before realizing what could happen to the world we live in. Well shortly after he found out exactly what he had done. One kid wished for a never ending bucket of chicken nuggets. So than one thought it would be funny if he wished for a gun and guess what he woke up to the next day a gun leaning on the side of one of his walls, he then went on to tell all his friends that if you wish for something it will come true or happen within the next 48 hours. Guess what they did mmm that’s right started wishing for anything they could think of all because that idiot didn’t think about what might happen if more people found out. From then on more and more people started to find out and as I said before only 150 people got these chips so everyone was going to one of them giving them money paying them to wish for what they wanted and of course they took it. Yes, I have one of these chips but I only wished for one thing it was a stupid thing to do yes but if anyone finds out what it was Leo would kill me for sure. Alright fine I’ll tell you, you know how I said something on the lines of Leo liking Hazel near the start of this book well I did if you can’t remember so Leo was kind of annoying me one night I was trying to study but when you have someone next to you going on about some girl he wants but doesn’t know how to ask her out or even really talk to you get quiet pissed off I would say so once he left I kept getting distracted and couldn’t focus anymore so I wished he would just ask her out already not realizing what I had actually thought. The next day at school he came up to me with the news their going out on Friday night and that she asked him I really messed that up I know but no else will know about that cause we’re not going to tell anyone.
This past year has been hell. The worlds turning into hell right before my eyes and there’s nothing I can do to stop it, I haven’t seen anything but the four walls of this building in months but I know damn well from the sounds outside people have not learnt when to stop and end this damn thing. I don’t understand what their thinking surely they know that if they keep wishing for things the worse it will get and the more people will die because of it. Will this ever be over its all my fault no matter how many times Leo and Hazel tell me it’s not it won’t change the actual truth if I didn’t tell Hazel we would still be going to school living a
normal life but no I had to ruin it now everyone I know and care about are dying I mean look at Leo he has no one know and he’s still here staying in the same room as me the one who started it all I don’t understand just let me go outside and get what I deserve please.
3/8/3022 (two years from start)-alex
It’s been over one-year now locked up in this old pub I honestly don’t know how the others can stand being in here I mean they were in here for a year before me so I guess I just don’t like it but the noise outside stopped last week but we haven’t gone out yet. To be honest I’m kinda scared to I don’t know what it’s going to look like will there be life less bodies just lying there on the ground could there be anyone else that’s alive somewhere I have no clue what to think.   
‘Alright who wants to go’, Leo spoke.  
I swear it was the fastest I have ever stood up in my life I marched up to the door ready to walk out and never come back into that old pub. I slowly opened the doors, eye’s widening mouth gaping as well. Scarlett, Hazel and Leo, all coming to stand next to me no one daring to break the silence that we created, all our faces like a mirror image eyes wide and lips slightly apart.
Hearing a whispered sob, I turn to Scarlett, tear’s filling her eyes, face turning red, whole body shaking but not saying one word.
Watching Alex open those doors felt like the world had just started moving in slow motion waiting to see the world that I have created. As the doors opened my feet rushed placing me two feet behind Alex, standing shaking is if my legs were made of jelly. The door finally fully opened after what felt like half an hour. My eyes landing on the dead bodies that were scattered across the dirt ground some of them not even 10 years old but gone because of me. Small sobs making their way out of my mouth my eyes filling with tears fast as I stare out to the world that was left behind for us. My feet moving by themselves making me take in everything around the pub, my checks burning as red hot tears constantly run down my face.
The world I used to live in is now gone and never gonna come back. Everyone else has hope that there could maybe be others alive but even if there are what’s the chance of finding them or being able to help them if their not well but I know that as soon as I lay eyes on them I’ll break down seeing what I’ve done to them but then again that is if we find anyone that survived.
Feet picking me up almost as if I was flying, moving smoothly across the uneven dirt hearing the calls of my name flowing out of people’s mouths just like a river but not once turning to look at them. If there’s anyone left I will find them I don’t care how long it takes or what I come across I did this to them to the thousands of innocent people that lost their lives because I made the stupid mistake to tell Hazel about this in the first place.
For the first time in two years I saw the natural light of the earth, something I used to take for granted but not anymore looking around yes there are many dead people just lying in front of me but I don’t feel sad or upset this is the world they wanted they did this to themselves. No matter how many times over the last two years Scarlett said this was her fault I never let her blame herself I would always end the convocation making sure she knows it wasn’t her fault she did the right thing by telling someone it was just that someone the wrong person also over heard and had no right to go off telling more people than they should. Turning around taking in everything the world has become I notice that the presence of Scarlett by my side has vanished I quickly turn around hoping she’s in the arms of one of the boys well Alex not
Leo but still here somewhere but no. My eyes focus enough to see her walking through and over the lifeless bodies. I turn to the boys tell them what happening we all start yelling her name trying our best to get her attention nowhere near as brave as her to walk through the bodies but we failed seeing her slim body slip away into the sunlight leaving me alone. I guess this isn’t the same world it used to be.
The end


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