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I love simple things of beauty. My writing isn't very original or exciting, but it has a lot of heart in it-it means a lot to me. I love Jesus, my family, wind, sea, popcorn, chick flicks, anything that makes me laugh, dandelions and blank notebooks.

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The Yellow Bike

June 13, 2018


She leaned over the handlebars, her black curls hiding her face. She had ridden as far as her legs could take her, and now night was falling. A short rest, then I have to keep going, she thought. She did not know where she was. She didn't care. The only thing she was aware of was her weariness.

Finally she lifted her head and looked around. Identical, grey, featureless houses lined both sides of the street. No cars drove by. No dogs barked. No plane flew overhead. 

She sighed and checked her phone. No apology had come, no pleadings for her return. None of her friends cared to ask what she was doing. As if it mattered. 

In her ears sang the lyrics to the song, "You're Nobody if Nobody Loves You". A tear escaped her eye as she inwardly admitted that she believed the song with all her heart. And if it were true, then she was Nobody. 

 She pushed the pedals again, going farther and farther from home. The sun was down and she was in the dark, all alone. 

Suddenly a vibration in her pocket stopped the tears from flowing. She hesitated before reading the text. 

"I'm sorry. I still love you, and always will," it simply read. She brushed the tears from her cheeks. 
"I'm here for you," followed another. 
"I want you."
"I love you."

She stood up from the park bench where she sat and started to ride the yellow bike home. 


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  • Victoria Penning

    ...... Okay... I HAVE to know more!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO MY EMOTIONS!!!!! :'(

    11 months ago