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Hey guys! If any of you remember my previous series THE SHADOW, then I know it's been a while since I've added to it, but I'm hoping it'll snag some of your guys' eyes. Thanks, and enjoy!


July 11, 2018


    Ah, readers. It has been a while. Certainly, an inkling of time has passed since we have last spoken.
    Time and tide wait for no man, so it has been said.
    We know of the pace of Time, and it truly waits for no one. Not even us. 
    Let's recall who we were with last time, hmmm?
    Fear. The devastation of nations, the doom of kings and queens alike. 
    Death. How annoying, that recollection of his *cough* attitude *cough*.
    And several others, no?

    Direct your attention to that flickering shadow behind the pooling sewage pipes and the discarded trash bins. The area that the errant rats and wandering roaches avoid, an odd feeling pooled against the old warehouse. 
    Back where it started, against a cesspool of trash. Fear.
    It's learned a couple of things since we last saw it, hmmm? Whatever pits in its shapeless form flutter open, dark stains against the shadow. 
    Fear makes a mucking sound, sulking in its own shape of upset. 
    Suddenly a trash bin ten yards down is loudly and violently kicked to the side, spilling its contents and surprise over the area. Fear jumps, seeping into the cracks of the chipping paint of the wall. Another trash bin closer is vaulted to the side. Then another. And ano-
    A figure hidden in the shadows stands over the splotch of damp cement where Fear used to reside. It snickers, feminine body putting a hand on the outline of the hip. 
    "Sorry, hon. Did I scare you?" A voice dripping with honey and poison snakes into the cracks of the walls, and Fear slowly pools back onto the ground.
    It looks up, and what it sees horrifies it.
    A face of sharp points and too-long lashes, hair cut at the jawline and strewn through the air, clothes loud with cacophonous colors and flaring edges. Eyes morphing shades of the color spectrum roll around in their sockets, a grin too wide breaking through the porcelain skin. Joints too sharp, laugh too smooth and wild, everything...chaotic.
    "Fear! My goodness, what has ravaged you so terribly? Do you remember, hun? Remember when we went on rages together? Oh, the times, the times! You were such a lil' doohickey, you! My, my... but what's this, huhhh? Watcha doin' here, in this miserable dump? What's wrong, eh?" Her tone dips up and down between squeaks and bellows. It unnerves Fear, who rises taller than two of her.
    "I quite admire some witches, actually... you're bein' a lil' rude though, hmm?"
    She looks up at the hideous skull, gaunt gashing teeth blob pulsing at the top of the spindly nightmare. And yet, she stands calmly.
    "You really think that's gonna work on me? Please. I've seen you use that before."
    "That's me, but I'm not un-der-stand-ing why I can't relax with my murder buddy."
    Chaos huffs, stamping her feet. She screeches into the empty, black night air.
    "LeT ME StAY!!" Her form goes ravage at she tears at her skin and hair and belts out laughter and cries of agony as she throws herself everywhere, so wrought with distorted fury that she does not see Fear quietly retreat.
    She isn't used to it quietly leave, quietly go. She doesn't notice its absence until much later, when dawn's rosy fingers pinken the edges of the sky. 
    It will be a quiet morning.


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