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I'm in 11th grade and I've been writing novel-style since elementary school. I enjoy melancholy works of fiction that show a character's confliction or inner torment (especially if it's in the form of anime/video games).
I do what I love:
I write.

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Why am I here? And no, I'm not simply questioning my place in the universe (I do that enough as it is). I mean, why am I *here*, on this website? I hope it's because I want to experience a community of writers, or because I want to grow. I hope it's not because of the followers, or the likes that show up in the form of stars. I'm afraid of losing myself amidst that starry sky. I write to tell a story. I write to express my feelings. I write to let my creativity flow. I write for myself, and I'm afraid that being *here* will pressure me into writing for others' approval. I just want to be free. I just want to write free. So, here's to hoping I won't be swallowed up by a desire to prove myself. Here's to hoping I'll continue to write free.

Still Sky

July 12, 2018

Still is the sky
in the morning, when I wake.
No clouds as the light
begins to overflow
the darkness that slept with me.
Away with my sleep,
away with the shadow in the sky,
as the sun creeps out
from the abyss.
Black turns to orange turns to blue
as I open my eyes.

Calm is the sky
as white wisps journey past, entangling
to make shapes appear
across the blue.
Our imaginations run wild
when we see the resemblance
forged by the drifting clouds.
I close my eyes and feel the wind
as it aids in their journey.
They float away, peacefully,
as I would like to someday.

Lively is the sky
when the sun recedes,
waving goodbye
as the light leaves behind
vivid colors reflected
on the once-white wisps in the sky.
Blue turns to orange, purple, and red
all at once. And suddenly,
the sky is on fire.
And suddenly,
the sky is alive.

Stunning is the sky
as lights twinkle and dance,
performing for the moon,
which smiles and shines
but always fails to light up
the infinite darkness above.
Sleep begins to take me
to the land of dreams, in which
I'll dance amongst the stars
and make the moon smile and shine
brighter than the sun.

Chaotic is the sky
when the dark clouds appear,
bringing with them
the thunder and the rain.
Water falls with the rushing wind
which sweeps away the clouds,
which sweeps away the storm.
Even in the noise
the sky is still to me.
Even in the chaos and the dark
the sky brings peace to me.


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