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CONTINUUM #8 - Neptune

July 12, 2018


Long ago, before the heavens was very much populated, there was a beautiful woman named Neptune.  She was among the few that lived in the heavens, and she happily lived there, singing songs, walking among the lush greenery and observing the ones below on Earth.  She was happy herself, but she saw that the ones below were not.  They were not unhappy, but they were monotonous, day in and day out, without anything else in their lives but the duties they needed to perform.

Neptune knew she must do something for these people, so that their lives would have meaning, so that their eyes would light up like the stars Neptune saw every night.  And so one night, when all were asleep, she decided to talk to one of the humans.  She did not wish to wake her, and instead let her thoughts guide her to the little girl's head.  Neptune was bathed in the moon's glorious white light, and she emitted a soft blue glow.  

Neptune saw from the heavens that the little girl did not wake, but she heard her soft voice.  "Who are you?" it said.  

Neptune smiled at the little girl.  "I am Neptune."

The little girl seemed confused.  "Am I awake?  It is nighttime.  And I do not know you."

"No, my dear, you are still asleep.  You can see me in your head.  Every time you fall asleep, I will come.  Is it not better than blackness?" Neptune answered.

The little girl thought.  "Yes..." she said slowly.  "But why are you doing this?  I have no use for seeing you in my sleep when I cannot do anything."

"But my dear, your dreams, your imagination, what is your life without those?  You must look to the stars and set your mind free to wander.  I promise you that you will be much happier." Neptune said, smiling fondly at the little girl.

The girl seemed to think this through, then, when it made sense in her head, she turned to Neptune and smiled.  "Yes.  Thank you, Neptune.  But may I ask you for something?"

"Anything, my dear." Neptune said.

"Can you visit my family as well?  And all of the people in the village.  They are all so unhappy as I used to be, without anyone to see them at night."

"Of course." Neptune let herself fade from view in the girl's head and went to a few more people.  Each had a reaction similar to the little girl's, curious and enchanted.  Neptune returned to the heavens as the sun begun to rise, vowing to visit as many as she could.  For Neptune, ridding the world of darkness was only to be done by filling it with hope and dreams, letting the sparkle in the people's eyes light beacons of hope, banishing the darkness.
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