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Was born in a small US town and has always loved reading and writing. Was inspired by JK Rowling to start writing. Was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and went through chemotherapy in 2015. All is good now. Loves fall and winter and their holidays.

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July 12, 2018


Author’s Note
    Words are one of the things that shape human life. Some words or especially phrases have lasting impacts on individuals such as, “I love you,” “Will you marry me,” “We’re pregnant,” “I was accepted,” or “You won the lottery!” Those are all incredible, positive things, however there’s another side to life that often gets overlooked by people who have not experienced true pain. Such as the words, “I hate you,” “Just kill yourself,” “You have this much time left to live,” “You have cancer.” This last phrase was the one that afflicted my future, and that of everyone who knew me at that time or in the years after.
    One thing I want to make clear, is that the things you read in this book were my true feelings at the time, which, as I’m sure you will realize, are pretty negative. Some of this will be pretty PG13 maybe even R rated so I’m warning you now. There will be swearing, and what would be considered inappropriate references so if that kind of thing offends you, I beg you not to put down the book, or refuse to read it, because all literature deserves a chance. Bear through it with me.
    Another controversial note about this book is that there are a lot of my own personal political opinions in it. I just want to make it known that these are my opinions and the point of this book is not to make you angry or offended by it. It’s to spark a debate, inspire someone, and to tell a story. Isn’t that the point of all writing?
    This book is not an autobiography. It’s a story based off of events that occurred to me, and the character is an almost exact replica of myself. However, places, names, and dates will be changed for the purpose of privacy for those in the story. For people who knew me during this time, you will realize how closely this echoes my real life, but since no one can know what went on in my head (sometimes not even I did) I decided to write this book. Here’s the rundown of my story.
    The first world I ever really traveled to that wasn’t my own was that which my still favorite author created.The funny thing is, I wanted nothing to do with reading it. Sure, my father, mother, and older sister had read the series and were all trying to get me to read it, but I had convinced myself that I was terrified of it, which seemed like a good excuse at the time. It really was clever of my father to keep me from reading anything else until I at least tried it. God, if I had only known just how much the boy who lived, Harry Potter, would change my life.
    I was just seven at the time I read it, even though I whipped through them all in the span of summer vacation, and I hadn’t really thought about how reading so many books so fast would affect my brain. See, before I read them, I did alright in school, but after, I instantly became “the smart one” and “the book nerd”. Not that I minded.
    However, in first and second grade when we learned how to write, I got my first taste of a new kind of literature and I instantly didn’t like it. Sure, it was enabling me to create my own stories, but it was so… Slow. I wanted to read the stories I made up, not write them. I decided I hated to write and it stayed that way for the next 4-5 years of my schooling.
    I kept up the reading, making my way through Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, plus other books that were mainly just fillers. My imaginative capabilities tended to be put to use when visiting with other friends when we’d make up a game based off of a story in my head or other books we’d read and give ourselves characters and a plot. It most certainly was more fun than real life.
    It wasn’t until the fifth grade that I ever seriously considered writing again. I told my teacher about the games my friends and sisters and I would play, and she suggested that I write it down. After talking to the school librarian (my absolute favorite person in the world) about it, she whole-heartedly agreed. So, I did. That’s when The Defenders was born. I ended up actually writing the whole book that year. It was just over 100 pages on Google Docs and I was very proud of myself. Realizing, now, that writing was just the thing I needed, I started to do it more often.
    However, before I realized this, in fourth grade, was when I heard the fateful words, “You have cancer.” At the time I didn’t think much of it because it was just a tumor. It’s not like I could actually die from it. After two surgeries I thought that part of my life was past. I continued reading, discovered my love for writing, and had an overall normal life. God, I wish then I could’ve seen what the future would hold because then I might’ve acted differently and made the hard time much easier for everyone around me.
    In sixth grade, my cancer came back in the form of another tumor in my lung. The doctors told my parents what needed to happen next and they graciously agreed to wait until after the holiday season to tell me. In the beginning of January I heard the words that would most certainly ruin my life for the next 3ish years. “You need chemotherapy.” I kept thinking, it’s not fair. It’s not true. This isn’t happening to me.
    The next few months I was blind to the outstanding kindness of everyone around me thinking that I was in a bubble of pain and no one else deserved to know about it. Even after the physical pain ended, it took years for the bubble to even begin to shrink. I began to see the pain in everything though it wasn’t hard because it seemed like all of humanity became trapped in a bubble. In a way, they still are. So, as I sit here writing this, and you are there reading it, let’s make a connection. For, we are all human, so why can’t we start to see each other as people?

This is basically me restarting my original planned autobiography, broken. I also probably won't be writing more until the next few weeks are over because I'm starting marching band next week. (yay!...?) Thanks for reading!


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