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I love simple things of beauty. My writing isn't very original or exciting, but it has a lot of heart in it-it means a lot to me. I love the wind, sea, popcorn, chick flicks, anything that makes me laugh, dandelions and blank notebooks.

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Here we are!!! 12th chapter of a story centered around.....3 characters. woot. woot. *sighs*

Daughter of the Sky: Chapter 12

July 22, 2018


Aravir woke the next morning. 
Everything seemed a blur. She rubbed her temples, frowning as she tried to remember what had happened. She concluded that nothing had happened, and that it had all been a dream. 
But she couldn't believe it. 
She dressed, picking from the huge wardrobe a long dark-green dress, simply made, but beautiful. She looked at her hair curiously in the mirror before brushing it. It was a lovely black, and she was startled to realize, after all these years of not having a mirror, that it fell in long, shining curls. She sighed. She couldn't help but think--if it weren't for the scars etched across her face, she might be considered pretty. 
Even beautiful. 
She turned away quickly, her dress catching on a soft breeze--just as Sarim walked into her room. 
She frowned. "Please knock first."
He ignored her and strode the window. She sat down before the mirror again, hoping to seem preoccupied, but not finding anything to do. She studied her nails. 
When she looked up into the mirror again, Sarim was staring at her through it. He stood a few feet behind her. She held in her gasp. 
"You..." he hesitated, staring into her raven eyes through the mirror. Then he shook his head, as if dismissing his thought. "I would like you to accompany me to the river." He walked away, then motioned for her to follow. 
She stood and began to follow, then stopped short, alarmed. How easily--how strangely--she followed his commands. She was dismayed at how much power he held over her. And yet she still followed him, through the halls, down the marble and gold steps, into the courtyard and down the hedge-bordered trail to the river. 
They walked side by side. Sarim glanced at her, studying her scars. She blushed, but the marks of fire hide it well enough. Creed had been right about this man. 
They came to a clearing near the edge of the river. The morning sun sparkled off the clear, rushing water. Willows bordered the clearing, tendrils and vines brushing the moist, grassy ground. Aravir paused in wonder of the beauty around her. Everything seemed so....golden. So perfect. The rare, small smile came to her lips as she sat down in the lush grass. Sarim had completely flown from her mind, even as he stood nearby. Dew soaked through the thin silky dress, but she didn't mind. Sunlight kissed her face. 
Sarim's one-word address called her to attention. He was looking at her sternly, his complexion nearly matching the white bark of the willow beside him. 
"I have something to tell you."
Whatever it was, she dreaded it. She stood up and waited. 
"Your scars."
With his cold-toned words the memory of the previous night flooded her mind. She clenched her jaw and turned to stalk away. 
"Stop. You must listen. This is to help you--everything...everything I have done is to help you, Aravir."
She stopped, her back to him. "How do I know?"
"Listen to me. Your scars. I can take them away."
She turned around slowly. Sarim was startled at the blackness of her eyes, but could not read the emotion there. 
"You would be perfect. Everyone would respect you and love you. You don't...can't realize how beautiful you would be if--"
The space between them was very large now. 
She breathed heavily, her mind racing. What would it mean? What does he mean by it? What does he want? 
"I would be---perfect?"
He hesitated. "Yes."
"And this is for myself."
She stared, her face still blank. As before, Sarim could read no emotions. 
"Why do you want to do this?" she finally asked.
"For you, Aravir!"
"You are certain, for me? Not for yourself. For selfish reasons..."
"How would you do this?"
"It's one of my powers."
"Removing scars?" She cocked an eyebrow. 
"I'm a healer. I can do it. I've already tried it."
She kept staring through him. Sarim felt uncomfortable. 
"I would do it for you, Aravir," he said softly, stepping closer. He took her hand in his, surprised when she did not pull it away. "You would be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom."
"I'm not sure I want that."
It was he who clenched his jaw this time. "Of course you do. Together, you and I, servants of the sky--Aravir, we could do wonders together! I would rise in power, and you by my side." He came closer, his silver eyes carefully watching her blank dark ones. "You would be mine." 
She pulled away slowly, staring up at him. "I was right. You want to do this for yourself."
"Yes! You do. Sarim. Please. I know what you want, and let me tell you know--it would never work, and it is definitely not what I want. I love you, but not as a... I love you like a father, or a brother."
He threw her hand away like a hot coal. "Father? Brother?"
Their eyes were locked, each one challenging the other to say what they wanted to, but didn't have the courage to. Sarim finally drew back, coldly, a new look in his eyes--one of condescension and mockery. As if he were looking at a child.
"You hardly know yourself, Aravir."

She ran away. 
But she knew she had to go back. 


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