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Adam Christopher Chan


Leaving your home to study abroad isn't easy, but taking that challenge was what shaped who I am today. Ever since coming to Singapore to study, I've been working continuously to improve my writing skills, and I hope to be a published author one day

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Do what you love. Write how you want. Don't worry about originality, because if you write true to yourself without fear of judgment, that's when something truly becomes original. Maybe you're the first-person POV writer with vivid descriptions, or the third-person fast-paced, story-driven writer. Every piece of literature has a place, if you give it one.

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3 months ago

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Adam Christopher Chan (Singapore) published:

Chasing Sunlight

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2018

Richard longed for the sun. Today, he was going to see it.
The decision had been weighing on his mind since a year after Noah’s Companion began, but he was eighteen now. He wanted to pursue his own path.
Taking his few belongings in an old bag, he made for the door.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Richard’s dad mumbled loudly, obviously still drunk.
“I’m leaving, dad.”
“Eh? Leaving where? You’re just going to...

Seeking Peer Reviews

3 months ago

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3 months ago