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areebah.haq1 (Australia) earned a badge Publisher

4 days ago

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areebah.haq1 (Australia) published:

Are My Eyes Trustworthy?

PROMPT: Travel Writing Competition 2018

Hopes of happiness,
Turn into darkness and fear.
Is what I see.

A spray of despair,
Tugged in my heart,
Ripping out my hair.
Nowhere to turn,
Nowhere to hide,
So much is going on,
Looking around,
Eyes filled with horror,
My country is falling apart,
Guns shooting,
Tears of sadness,
Dropping down my cheek.
Gone are the dreams,
The hopes of joy,
Because of this war.
This war,
This destruction,
This tragic fate.
Where is...
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4 days ago

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areebah.haq1 (Australia) liked Does Harmony Matter? by areebah.haq1 (Australia)

25 days ago

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areebah.haq1 (Australia) published:

Does Harmony Matter?

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2018

I am starting my day with a poem in my mind,
Which matters a lot,
A song in my heart,
Which shines darkly through,
A sweet melody in my ears,
Which cries out loud.
Now I am wondering, imagining, dreaming,
What does harmony mean to us?
It is the time when the world gets together as one.
All of us together,
Our looks, food, culture other differences are put aside and together we revive and survive.
What if this harmony...

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26 days ago