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Theia (India) earned a badge Competitor

6 days ago

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Theia (India) published:

Same sun

PROMPT: Song Writing Competition 2019

I am alive 
& I say this to me all the time,  
but I fail to see
why am I falling piece by piece?

I've been going on
& for so long everything was fine 
but then suddenly now ,
I am a taboo come alive.

& everyday everything I say is wrong
& everyday everytime they don't come along
& I can feel myself falling down ,I fall.

sometimes I want to run
but my feet won't stand 
I want...

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6 days ago

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Theia (India) published:

Letter to love,unknown. ...

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

You see me,
A mirror, the perfect self 
II reflect
But beneath the silver 
There's a different surface left. 

I am crude and calm 
To you, 
I am just full of charm. 

You  love me  
I know, 
But my core's unloved, 
Which you have not known. 

Beneath the silver 
Lies me, 
By you, unseen. 

Myself,if i'd give to you 
As I am, your love 
You will know 
Is for someone else. 

I can't be a lying self, 
You can't love...

Seeking Peer Reviews

2 months ago

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2 months ago

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