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oh to be questioning


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exercises in clarity


close your eyes and

inhale; the ground under your feet and the sky over your head. the universe cups you in its fingers, and you can feel its heartbeat in its palms because its all around you, life sings within you and you

exhale; the flourish of a flag and the graze of a finger; bodies hearts minds move as one because in the end we're one- the music thrums to a stop, and time slows to a...

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maybe im a coward (but a coward doesnt try)


its 3 am and i think maybe maybe i should be sleeping but
im not sure i care anymore.
its me again and i might just be crazy and i might just be stupid
but i think i like it at 3 am because all of it is gone. but if its just me
and my light of my phone then theres no excuse for all those read-mes i left
behind in the haze that is life nowadays. and i...

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