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■Comment for Peer Review■


Hey Guys,

Would love to do some peer reviews for you all but never know who really wants a review on their piece fast. I've been on WtW for two months now and received two reviews so far and know how helpful they are. 

If you would like a review, please leave the link and name of your piece and I'll get in done within 5 days!

Ninja <3


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tall and confident like a palm,
a laugh an infectiousness epidemic,
long flowing dress, emerald green with flaxon yellow pineapples,
sparkling blue eyes, a deep and mysterious ocean,
freckled skin, kissed by the sun a million times,
a smile like raspberries with a fragrant so beautiful.

sweet like vanilla frosting,
a ray of sunshine on a blue skied day,
dreams like a brightly shining star,
hopes higher then the mountains tops,
calm like a sea urchin on a sandy sea...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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