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I write mostly poems, it's my favourite genre and most peaceful mode of expression.
I am more of a... Literary Realist.
I was always used to writing in my journals and diaries but I've decided to step out of my bubble and publish my work.
So, I basically want to share my feelings with everyone, get feedback and get better at writing.
We truly rise by lifting others so, show my pieces some love and I'd show some right back!<3

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Klaiir (Nigeria) published:

Little Black Girl


I never felt like this before
I never saw myself as a black who would one day get shot
Not for a crime or something
Just for believing I was a human being
For thinking I was equal and deserving
Of everything I was created to see
For thinking there really is no minority
For believing in mere human equality
If we were still enslaved
It’s hard to tell if peace would still have reigned
Because even till this...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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Klaiir (Nigeria) published:

Learn To Love


Humanity should be our race, love our religion

                These days some particular topics are swerved and avoided because of their controversial nature and it is totally understandable because as little as a misplaced statement could rile up vicious backlash. I would be sitting on the fence on issues, not just race and sexuality, which are the major controversies, but on opinions generally. People’s choices and decisions that are not respected.
                I believe in the equality of all for...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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