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in which i write a screenplay for a high school mockumentary because I DON'T WANT TO GO TO MED SCHOOL, MOM


SCENE EXT INT: Opens on a panoramic view of Brickwood High, a prestigious boarding school. The camera zooms into the school hallway, one of blue lockers and highly polished wood flooring.  But stop right there- prestigious? Never judge a book by its cover.

[Shaky camera zoom in on ALEX, a cocky, brunette sophomore standing in the hallway.]

INTERVIEWER: So, what's Brickwood High like?
ALEX:I mean, it's pretty good. I've been here for...
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if i was in a horror movie


*getting chased by the killer*
Them: Guys maybe we should split up.
Me: GURL are you joking? You've gotta be joking- 
Them: Nah we should split up.
Me: Omg here's a bright idea- why don't we like, oh I don't know, CALL 911.
Them: Yeah but- what's their number?
*sharp inhale* 
um, maybe- 911?!
Them: Naw we should split up.
Me: K well ya'll have fun with that- I'm calling the cops and then going to McDona- ...

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