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I love to sing, play piano, dance, act, draw, play video games, and read.
I LOVE My Hero Academia, and Blend S is my favorite anime.
Daughter of Apollo

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I began writing a story, Petals of Power, in January. I forgot about it and lost passion for it, though.
Besides Petals of Power, I have two other series going on! The first is 365 Prompts, I used a website called ThinkWritten, and it will go on for one year! The second is called "Passion Prose," poems about OC and fandom couples!
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Published Work


Why does rereading your pieces bring tears to my eyes

How can such simple pieces make me so sad

When will the pain stop

Countdown: 4 Days to Go

We'll sprint
To the brand
New ride

I'll spin
On the swings
With you

I'll go
Have a blast
On coasters

I'll be 
By your side
For time

We'll ride
Some great things
And together

I promise
I won't forget
Or ignore

I love
All the coasters
I'm riding

We'll shop
At the end
For candy

The Demon Whispers (365 Prompts #97)



I'm starting to feel weird


I'm Proud of You

Pepper, my rainbow
I'm proud of you
For being there for everyone
With love
And kind wishes

Brooks, my stream
I'm proud of you
For pushing through struggles
With strength
And courage

Ruby, my gemstone
I'm proud of you
For expressing yourself
Through art
And honesty

June, my star
I'm proud of you
For standing up for yourself
Through words
And spirit

Bea, my bubbles
I'm proud of you
For always seeing the bright side
With happiness
And hope

Mark, my moon
I'm proud of you
For facing plenty of obstacles
With heart
And head

And Lena, my light
I'm proud of you
For everything
With everything
And everything

I love you all

I Deal With It

Sometimes I wish
I could just lie
In the sun
With zero cares
In the world

But no

Always I know
I am a burden
In pain
With no one to love me
In a special way

And I deal with it

Countdown: Five Days to Go

I don't wanna be controlling
    Or rude
        Or bossy
            Or mean

I come off like that when I'm determined
    Or excited
        Or happy
            Or ready

I love going on everything, the coasters
    And spinning rides
        And swings
            And carousels

But I promise I'll stay with you if you want
    And ask for 
        And need
            And have to have a friend 

Red (365 Prompts #96)

Little red riding hood
Skipped right through the woods
To bring her grandmother some treats

Along the long way
A wolf made her day
By being nice and kind and sweet

He offered to take Red
To her sick granny's bed
As an escort, a buddy, a friend

But Red knew much better
So she took off her sweater
And strangled the wolf, who met his end

Five Words (365 Prompts #95)


I come off bright and bubbly
Not caring if it's raining or muddy, snowing or storming
But inside, everything makes me skittish
And sometimes I feel depressed

I like to make people's days brighter
I try to wear a smile all the time, even when it's hard
If I can't help myself
I can at least be bright for other people

I'm cheery most of the time
Bouncing off the walls, I have too much energy
People really hate it, I think, but I can't stop
I can't help being bubbly

Weather doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things
Except on the inside, on the inside it's a major point
You could be raining but pretending it's all fine
Or you could be stomping in puddles, getting your shoes all muddy

If you raise your hand or voice at me, I'll flinch
I flinch at many things: bad grades, loud sounds, bright lights

an old structure (365 Prompts #94)


my happiness swings back and forth


sometimes i feel like my mental stability is sliding down

and round
and round

my head hurts, it twirls and spins 


i'm an old structure, breaking down

A Cordial Cup (365 Prompts #93)

If I could concoct a cordial cup
Of exceptionally enchanting elixir

I'd take my time and thought and taste
With materials, magic, and I'd mix her, mix her

The potion would prove a point about people
Seeking the serpents that stay secluded

Dump it down a dude's dress
And the ogres will be occluded

My Creepy Crawlies (365 Prompts #92)

Creepy crawlies
All over me
Consuming me
Swallowing me

My creepy crawlies
I can't get rid of them


Are you sure you're okay
Did I do something wrong
I feel really bad
Was it about lunch yesterday
I feel sick
What's going on
Did I do something wrong
How can I fix it

They All Are

Crying while I write this
Tears dot my keyboard
She's gonna go find herself
And forget all about you

It's getting harder to see
My eyes are clouded with rain
And she's gonna find someone else
And never associate with you again

I know it's all true
And he's gonna go off and try to be cool
And push you around and stuff

I'm going to lose everyone 
Whether I want to or not
And she's gonna hate you
She'll always hate you
I understand it'll go down soon
Why can't I see what I'm typing?
And she's better off without you


Why do I feel so lonely
Every time she has to go

"I have to do my hair"
"Oh, okay"
"I won't be able to text the rest of the night"
"Oh, okay, goodnight"

Why do I feel so lonely 
Every time she has to go

"I have to go work out"
"Wait, why?"
"My decision and my parents think I should, bye"
"Oh, okay, bye"

Why do I feel so lonely
Every time she has to go

"I have to go do laundry :("
"Chore day, cya"
"Oh, okay, bye"

Why do I feel so lonely
Every time they have to go


"Okay, bye"

Every time they have to go

dear river

it's okay
that's all i can say
you may be struggling
but i care anyway

i'll leave you be
you were close to me
but separation
may be healthy

i know you don't feel like a hero
but you're not a zero
i'm not one either
a hero or zero

we're both humans, and
it's instinct to care, and
i know you don't want it
but i can't stop, and

it's okay, riv
it's okay, riv
i promise you
it's okay, riv


I was taught nothing 
But pain and suffering
With this terrible plague
Of directions that're vague
It teaches me math
Puts me on the right path
But that's a lie
It makes me want to cry


I think I may be going insane
My mornings are starting to get worse and worse
I spend my nights twisting and turning
And waiting for the demons to come
When they do, I fight
As hard as I can
But they usually win and I let them
I can't tell the difference
Between my dreams and reality
Hours blur into each other
Thoughts blend with each other
My mind can't take this much more

Nothing Super Special (365 Prompts #91)

I can't think of anything

I have a handkerchief from my great grandmother
A newspaper with my great grandfather 
Some Christmas ornaments

Nothing super special really

Lizzy Louis Against the Universe (Competition Version)

    Exactly 1,894 years ago, the earth exploded.
    Don't worry, few humans were harmed.
    The planet simply became too hot.
    Looking back on it, the human race was selfish when it came to their own home. Scientists predicted it'd happen someday, somehow. They said that the planet would be destroyed if the selfishness didn't stop.
    No one listened.
    The planet became hotter, hotter, and hotter.
    Vessels, hundreds of millions of emergency vessels, were planned to be crafted as an escape plan, a last resort that would never be used-
    Or so they thought.    
    The temperature rose, it climbed, it escalated. Volcanoes erupted more frequently, ice was melting faster than ever, the oceans were rising and islands were sinking, the air was getting thick.
    The planet had to make a decision. That decision was to mass-produce the emergency vessels so that 100 people could fit in each one. 

I Need a Hug

I need a hug
That lasts forever
Or at least a minute

Things kinda down
I'm scared and sad
And sorry, my friends

Give me a hug
Or at least a head pat
Something, anything

But I need a long hug
A nice, big embrace
Someone hug me

I feel so sad
I feel so scared
I feel so sorry

Accept my forgiveness
And give me a hug
A nice, long hug

I don't care who you are
Just give me a hug
A nice, long hug

I'm Staring Again

I'm staring again today
At her fluffy brown hair
At her soft tan skin
At her shimmering eyes
At her long, beautiful eyelashes
At her and her cute, gorgeous self

Dear lord

To Grow a Friendship (365 Prompts #90)

I have a lot of water
    Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle

You need more? 
    Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle

One of them is wilting
    Sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle

They're all wilting
    Sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle

They're okay now
    Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle

But now I'm the one wilting
    Sprinkle, sprinkle...

I'm out of water

As Fighters and Friends

Let's tear down the stars
And the sun in the sky
And keep them in a jar
So we can watch them twinkle

Let's defeat the gods
Major and minor too
And take over their thrones 
And rule the world

Let's go down together
Side by side
As fighters
And friends

Talking to “You”

It's All Your Fault

    You throw your head back and yell every night, every single night, as the hot, salty tears drip down your face and onto your red skin. You're angry. Angry at the world and angry at yourself. You're terrified. Terrified of the world and terrified of yourself. You're depressed. Depressed because of the world and depressed because of yourself. It's all your fault, the demon whispers. It's all your fault.

Don't Ask Me Why I Hate Her

You ask me why I hate her
Because you're such good friends

Don't you know that she's the one 
That started this whole thing?

Don't you know that she's the one
That made me start crying at night?

Don't you know that she's the one
Who started my self-esteem issues?

Don't ask me why I hate her
You already know the answer

Perfect Purple Match

Why do I love the color purple
Because we match
We're a perfect match

Purple in general stands for luxury, ambition, aggravation, and femininity
Remind you of anyone
Take a wild guess

Light purples, heather, lilac, lavender, represent female traits, delicacy, and romance
I am a dancer, delicacy is my forte; I am a girl, I like to dress like one; I am a hopeless romantic, I fall in love easily
These are a perfect match

Bright purples, amethyst, iris, orchid, represent luxury and richness
I want to be like a pillow to fall back on; I adore finer things and rich food
These are a perfect match

Dark purples, blackberry, wine, plum, represent sadness and frustration
I'm always sad and frustrated
These are a perfect match

It's Much More Than That

I tell them 
I hate myself
But no
It's much more than that

Hating myself 
Is selfish
Because I'm not worth though
Or care

When I partake in self-pity
I get more and more thoughts
That thinking about how disgusting and awful I am
Just makes me more disgusting

Basically, if I think I'm worth any hate
I'm wrong
Because I'm not worth hate or love
I'm worth nothing

Say It Back

I like you romantically
I love you platonically

I tell you I love you

I love you
"That's sweet"

I love you
"Thank you"

Is it all a lie?
Do you not care about me?

Please say it back
Before it's too late

I love you isn't just expression
It's a call for help

Please hear my call
Please say it back

Just once 

I Think I Lost my Chance (365 Prompts #89)

Status Update: Single

You've been single for awhile
I've been waiting for awhile

I'm scared and giving up
I'm ready to give up

I think I lost my chance
I don't have a chance

I'll ask you once more
One more time, once more

Do you like me?
Would you want to spend time with me?

If Humans Love (365 Prompts #88)

A natural wonder
Is love

Humans have loved
Since day one

If humans love
That means we hate, too

Corner Store (365 Prompts #87)

Stick of gum
Is a penny

One newspaper
Is a nickel

Pack of batteries
Is a dime

Bar of candy 
Is a quarter

Give me the whole store

Whisper, Whisper


what happened to you

you used to be shiny
    like a topaz or a pearl
you used to have a heart
    like many others
you used to have spirit
    like those...

down there

i know what happened to you

you lost your shine
    when she fell below
your heart shattered
    when she left
your spirit disappeared
    when you couldn't find her

but now
some things returned

the light of the sun helped

you shine differently now
    like obsidian or dark onyx
your heart is being sewn together
    all things mend with time
your spirit has come back
    and been refueled by light

it's gonna get better
with him-

you're gonna get better, Nico Di Angelo

My Muses (365 Prompts #86)

How could I choose one if there are many

First there's Lena
I wanna write like her
    Shine like her
        Smile like her

Next there's Bea
I wanna laugh like her
    Sing like her
        Dance like her

Then there's June
I wanna talk like her
    Learn like her
        Defend like her

Finally there's Ruby
I wanna draw like her
    Sparkle like her
        Share like her

They are all my muses

A Gay Vampire

I know she will never love me

She thinks a vampire is pretty
A gay vampire
A fucking gay vampire

How will I measure up

My Best Friend Is in Love

My best friend is in love
Head over heels
Absolutely heartstruck

The lucky man is seventeen
Has sea green eyes
And silky black hair

He's funny and an idiot
An adorable idiot
She tells me

mY fRiEnD iS iN lOvE wItH pErCy JaCkSoN

Day After Day (365 Prompts #85)

Wake up
Don't blow it

Get to school
Too energetic

Time for classes
Know it all

Rude and mean

More classes
Disgusting and bossy

Dance class or piano
Too happy and condescending

Do your homework

Eat food
Not until your work is finished

Go to sleep

Under the Moonlight

Under the moonlight
With music playing
If I offered you my hand
Would you take it?

Onto the dance floor
With a steady pitter patter
If I led you through a dance
Could you make it?

Spinning you around
Guiding you through
A simple and nice dance
Would you be?

Under the moonlight
With the music playing
If I offered you my hand
Would you dance with me?

Polka Dot Umbrella (SONG)


La la la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Verse 1:

Come on over 
We can have a little chat
While the drips keep at 
A steady pitter patter

Give me your umbrella
It has rainbow polka dots
The rain comes down in spots 
But that doesn't really matter

I'll drag you by your hand
To a magical far off land


Summertime picnics in the rain
The water runs right down your face, I'll embrace 
You my love, my bella bella 

We can laugh, and forever, we'll remain
In this very special place, our space
As I hold your polka dot umbrella

La la la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Verse 2:

The sandwiches are soggy
And the fruit basket is...

Her Hands

I led her through a couple steps before she let go
"I really can't dance. I don't want to."

Stop NOW, you invaded-
"Okay, you did fine though."
She shook her head

I wanted to dance with her
Isn't that cringy?
Still, it'd be fun... 

At least I held her hands for a second
They were soft and warm
I love her hands

Dear (I Know This Sounds Romantic But I Promise It's Platonic ;v;)


He's adorable
And I'm saying that platonically

How can someone be as sweet as sugar
But be healthy enough to not give me cavities
Apparently, he can

His name is shiny like his words
It's a gemstone, a gorgeous rock
Let's call him Topaz for the heck of it
I like that nickname

Topaz is supportive and encouraging
Hilarious and fun
Relatable and a listener
Sweet and caring
And makes me laugh my butt off

Topaz can't fill the hole of a ghost
But he and I can build a new friendship
Besides, what's better than a new building?
I love new stuff

I'm scared of hurting him
I'm scared of leaning on him too much

I'm gonna mess it all up

I love to laugh, he makes me laugh
You're a great friend, Topaz-


Purple Pen (365 Prompts #84)

One single purple pen
That ran out of ink

One single purple pen
That I loved

One single purple pen

Good Enough for Frankie

Frankie is always awarded for her kindness
Her compassion, her respect
She'll talk to anyone, everyone
But not me

I'll say hi
No response
And if she doesn't ignore me
She'll give me a look like I have three heads

Others do great things
Ruby, Lena, Bea, June, Becca, Mia, Laurel, Carol
But me, I guess I'm just not good enough
No matter how hard I try

No conversations for me
Frankie hates you
I'm annoying
I'm not good enough for Frankie



You did it

I know
It's your fault

Yes, I'm aware

I get it


I'm sorry
You should be

It's not just in my head, it's a real issue

I wanna help people...

I often come of as really condescending

So I apologize
Me too

Magic Touch (365 Prompts #83)

Magic, eh?

Even though I want to
I wouldn't make her fall in love
That's cruel and forceful
Instead, I'd...
I don't know

Even though I want to
I wouldn't give her a gift
That's excessive and invasive
Instead, I'd...
Make her happy, I don't know

Could I just have three wishes?

I wish to find someone who loves me
Who wants to cuddle and kiss me
Who wants to hold and hug me
Who will always be there

I wish to find success
I want to make people happy with music and acting
I want to sing and dance my heart out
I want to play piano

I wish for the ones I love to be happy
...why am I fading away?

Building Something New

I lost a little while back
Little by little, a hole was torn


I gained a little while back
They can't fill the hole


They can build something new
We can build something new

I Broke Down Last Night

The tears all came out at once
    After whimper
    After pathetic little whimper

For her

The tears rolled down for everyone and myself, everyone and myself

I yelled and whimpered and screamed and sobbed

I hate it

It burns, gods, it burns
The endless worry and hatred 
The fact that I have feelings is too much

Disgusting, a burden, everyone hates you

I hate you, I hate you

Everyone hates you, gods, it burns

She doesn't love you, she never has and never will


You are not allowed to ever have feelings


You don't...

Sea Green Eyes (365 Prompts #82)

There once was a man named Percy Jackson who possessed sea green eyes
He was the son of Poseidon, how would he ever get by?

He made two friends-Annabeth and Grover-and together went on quests
To return a lost lightning bolt, find a gold fleece, their adventures were the best

It was only after the sky was held up did things begin to change
The feelings that Percy and Annabeth had began to get a bit strange

In the labyrinth, on that fateful day, Percy was met with a kiss
Then he was sent to a faraway isle, Annabeth is who he most missed

And after the war, on the Mount itself, he was offered a space by the gods
But he gave it all up for Annabeth, Percy defied all odds

We Can't See the Starry Skies (365 Prompts #81)

Breathe happy; Febreze

How can we breathe happy
When there's carbon in the air
It's harming every human's lungs
And no one really cares

How can we breathe happy 
When there's smog on the horizon
People say it blows away
But smoke just keeps on rising

How can we breathe happy
when people aren't alive
Our future generations
Won't be able to survive

How can we breathe happy
When the skies aren't starry
With chemicals just blocking it
My children...

I'm so sorry


Behind the Curtain (365 Prompts #80)

In a grove of buttercups
Surrounded by three trees
A picnic takes place

Three people sit, eat, and chat
They seem like they're having a great time
So peaceful, so happy

One wears a beanie
One wears a sweatshirt
One has long hair

Three people, having a picnic
Seemingly happy and cheerful
But what's behind the curtain

Platonically (365 Prompts #79)

Picking me up off my feet
In one of my darkest times

Like an angel from the gods
Lena, you'll always be mine




I'm so flustered
Can't stop staring
In a state of endless panic

Her hips and legs are gorgeous
And then her chest, it's b-
Oh god, someone help me

Lemon Juice (365 Prompts #78)

Lemon juice in my eyes
I can't get it out-

But I sprayed it there
I can't get it out-

This is my fault
I can't get it out-

Like everything else


Today was miserable

I woke up feeling down
I didn't sing in the car
I couldn't

Today was bland

I could barely speak in Spanish class
I couldn't focus in Religion
I almost broke down in Reading

Today was annoying

Sure, I may have laughed a lot at lunch
Because my friends cheered me up
But they don't really love me

Today was bland

I couldn't listen in Writing
Gym class was hot and tedious
Math, oh gods, math sucked

Today was miserable

I spent the entire day sad
I spent the entire day on the verge of tears
I spent the entire day trying not to have a mental breakdown


Character Profile: Lizzy Louis

Lizzy Louis: Captain of the Emerald Fighter

Physical Appearance
Lizzy is 5' 6", with short, crazy, curly, poofy red hair that's usually held back in a bunch of clips or a headband or something of the sort. She has strange, striking orange eyes and peachy skin that's spotted with scattered freckles. Her body figure is on the chunkier side, but she has a bit of muscle. She wears a tight scarlet uniform that matches her hair and a pair of silver boots. Her lips are thin, her nose is tiny, and her eyes are big and bright. She wears small and square black earrings and paints her nails black. She also wears a black belt with a Communicator, a Long-Distance Communicator, a green plasma pistol, and a blade. 

Lizzy has a fiery temper that she can't control most of the time. She's stubborn and strong-willed and will never give up any of her missions. She's determined, confident, serious, and...

Just Let Me

I excused myself to the bathroom
To let the tears fall

I'm dying here

I just want to break down
Break down in someone's arms or something

Just let me cry

Around the Clock


Every day around the clock
The demons come and knock knock knock
Around my ears, they whisper, lick
And there's no way to block them


All their insults really stick
And sometimes they all make me sick
But it is really not a shock
And there's no way to fix them

I Wanna Go to Barbados (365 Prompts #77)

Wanna go for years
Some place very far away
Why not Barbados?

On the verge of tears
All the time in class today
Maybe Barbados

She Finally Made the Tears Fall

I knew it'd happen...
Because of her
The tears finally fell
None of it is her fault at all
It's just my feelings when it involves the topic-

NO! Maybe not!
Figuring things out sucks
But it's harder with that-

And I'm sad all over again
But I love her

It burns
It does
Gods, it blisters and chars

Crying out...!

Please just acknowledge that you know I'm here for you
Please say something, anything, I'm desperate
And I love you-

I love you...

How are you? (Footnotes)

I can't crawl out-
I'm stuck in my own brain-
The whispers are-


How are you?
Fine, thank you. 


Significant, Bigger, More

Sometimes I wish-
I just wish-

I was more

More to you
More to me


I could be bigger and brighter than the sun itself
And maybe important to you, maybe important to me


I could do something significant
Something that changes you, that changes me


I want to be more to you
I want to be more to me

I want to be significant, bigger, more

I wish-
I wish I was more to you

Insomniacs Match (Part Ten)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia. 
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part ten!

    Whispers, mumbles, and mutters from various classmates echoed tauntingly in Shinso's ears as he slowly trudged through the hallway. Word had spread of what he had done to Hatsume, and the consequences were brutal. No one sit with him at lunch, no one trusted him for team training, even Midoriya and Kaminari gave him strange looks as they passed by him in the corridors. The jumbles of mumbles from his peers weren't helping either.
    "Did you hear what he did to Hatsume? He's such a creep!"
    "I warned her not to trust him..."

Miss (365 Prompts #76)

It's dawning on me now
That you probably won't come back

I kinda wish I still had you
But I understand why you left

Please take good care of yourself
And don't forget why you woke up this morning

I didn't really wanna say this
But, my friend



No matter what you do
No matter where you go
There's one important thing
That you should really know

If you need someone to lean on
I promise I'll be there
You always have my love
And everlasting care

I know this poem is cheesy
And I say this all the time
But this means a lot for me
That's why I made it rhyme

So, in conclusion
I'll always be right here
And just in case you didn't know
I love you, my dear


I'm Here

I understand, my friend

I want the best for you
    And if this is the best
        I'll let go
I didn't want to
    But I care about you
        And I know this is probably right

But you should know
    If you're ever ready to come back
        If you ever need a friend

I'm here


Some Questions for a Greek Water Boi (365 Prompts #75)

There are a million things I'd like to ask this demigod.
He's so interesting and fun, but not my favorite character-that spot goes to Leo and Meg.
So, Percy-

Do you have a secret crush on Jason? You guys have a sexy bromance going on that's honestly suspicious, and you've got a rivalry. Many, many fans are skeptical. Also, come on, there's something with you and Nico. YOU'RE NOT HIS TYPE, MAN.

If you could say anything to Annabeth, what would it be? I imagine something dirty, but she'd say something super dirty back and just put you in a state of panic and fluster. Or you'd just say something really dumb and end with "Seaweed Brain," which is honestly a cute nickname. Do you like that nickname?

Also, why did you fall in love with her in the first place? i always thought she was kinda snobbish. She's a hard worker, sure, but like... she's just rude sometimes. Then...

I Can't Remember (365 Prompts #74)

I can't-
My brain-
I forget-

Ode to my Mother (365 Prompts #73)

You don't need to do or say anything
Don't blame yourself
Don't give me praise
Don't give me advice
Just be

No Wonder

No wonder I've waited
Shut it

She's pondering herself

Strawberry in a Waffle Cone (365 Prompts #72)

I scream
You scream
I used to get ice cream
At this one place that I loved

Every time was strawberry in a waffle cone


Computer screen


Crystal Ball

Let's take a look through the crystal ball
My angel dear, my angel dear
And see what people are doing
My angel dear, my angel dear

FIrst off is Lena 
Where is she-here
Travelling the world, writing and publishing journals
Internationally famous, special, incredible

What about her friend Ruby 
Found her selling and autographing her graphic novel
With her awesome girlfriend by her side
She can do anything

Let's find June, here she is
A climate change activist who doesn't take anyone's crap
She's changed Earth, it's cleaner, brighter
Truly a sight to behold

Ah, Bea, I found her, found her
Designing another college
It's beautiful, it's amazing
Just like her

And David, dear David
World famous gamer
He's won a million competitions
And has a ton of prizes

Mark is right here, he's saving another life
He saves at least five every day
Making good money and making people happy
By replacing organs and bones

I want to find...

Composition 8 (365 Prompts #71)

That's the only word to describe it

A jumble of slashes, dots, shapes, and a whole lot of whatnot
All thrown together in a strange array

It's odd, it's weird
It's astonishing

Skipping Rope Rhyme

Red dress, yellow dress, green dress, blue,
Try them on, which best suits you?

Susie wears the one in gray.
It's dirty and it stinks all day!

Susie's poor, her parents dead,
But she wants to buy the dress in red!

How many dollars are we willing
To give to Susie? Not a shilling?

Dimes, nickels, pennies too!
All for us and none for Sue

Red dress, yellow dress, green dress, blue,
All for us and none for Sue!

How to Make a Friendship (365 Prompts #70)

Add a heaping scoop of loyalty
Or a half more, or two
Three spoonfuls of honesty
Of being kind and true

Throw in a smidge of whimsy
So you know how to have fun
Add just a pinch of sarcasm
The fun has just begun

A dash of teamwork and team skills
Compassion next is the key
Throw in a cup and a half of that
The brew will start to steam

Take your spoon and mix it
Bubbles will float out
Then use this potion on you and your friend 
You have a strong friendship, scream and shout!

Cotton Candy Kiss (Part 5)

    Just as soon as the seemingly endless bliss and fluster that Kiaran was experiencing started, it was over. Aidan's lips pulled away from his, leaving a strange yet satisfying buzz. Every drop of blood in Kiaran's body rushed to his face as it dawned on him what had just happened. Aidan was nervously grinning and messing with his fingers.
    "...Um...what just happen?" Kiaran inquired, flustered as fuck. That had been his first kiss, not just his first kiss with a guy, but his first kiss ever.
    My first kiss was with a guy and I liked it. I loved it. Shit.
"I kissed you, Kiaran," Aidan replied, slightly sheepishly but still firmly. "...I probably should have asked-"
    Kiaran grabbed Aidan's hands, speaking before his mind could work. "No, no, it was fine! Perfect, even! I just..." He gently let go of Aidan's hands, which fell to the bench. A sigh escaped...

Stupidball (365 Prompts #69)


My friend June and I suck at sports.
We made up Stupidball.

It's essentially a cross between handball, basketball, football, and soccer.
It's usually played with a basketball, but a kickball can be used as well.

There are no rules in Stupidball. 

Research Paper? Yeah! (Sequel!)

Words? Engaging!
Notes? Informational! 
Outline? Been done for awhile!
Thesis? Strong!

Head? Overflowing!
Heart? Pounding! 
Emotions? Calming! 
Soul? Invigorated! 

We finally finished the paper!

Package Deal

No way

If you want me
You need to take her too

Uh uh

If you want to throw her away
You need to throw me away too


I know you don't want that
I know you'd take us both in a heartbeat

An App to Capture a Snake (365 Prompts #68)

I wish my mobile device picked up on red flags
I don't have that ability
I'm too nice

I wish my phone could capture snakes
Send an alert when snakes attack
I can't find snakes

I wish there was an app that'd warn about poison
I can't see the poison
Until it swallows me whole

The Princess Dressed in Blue

A great stone castle stands on the corner of two streets
And inside lives a princess in a blue dress
Music blares out of her sleeping quarters
And that blue dress sways and swishes

The princess has duties that she completes
But they stress her out, she must confess
And though she has fans and loyal supporters
The ability to trust is for what she wishes

For now, however, she thinks she should cope
Put on a smile and pretend she's alright

But it is decreed that there can be hope
If other royals send some light

Way off in another kingdom, a princess in purple smiles
As she finishes writing out a letter and sending it all those miles

She's here for her friend, the princess in blue, till the end


Dad vs Mom

When my dad picks my sister and me up after school, the conversation goes something like this-

Dad: How was school?
Us: Fine.
End conversation about school to talk about something dumb.

When my mom picks us up from school, however, the conversation is always something like this-

Mom: So how was school?
Us: Fine.
Mom: Just fine? 
Me: Yeah.
Mom: Tell me one thing you learned today.
Me: Um...
Sister: I didn't learn anything today.
Mom: That's ridiculous, you should learn something each day. 
Me: I learned the distance formula?
Mom: Oh, which-
Me: The square root of x sub 2 minus x sub 1 squared plus y sub 2 minus y sub 1 squared.
Mom: Ohhhhhh. Who did you sit with at lunch?
Us: The usual.
Mom: You should sit with some new people-
Me: Mom, I've told you a million times that I'm not friends with some girls and the boys in my grade are idiots!

Please Help Me (365 Prompts)

This dust is smothering me
Please help me

It's been years
Please help me

I want you to love me again
Please help me

I need-

To Give Back the Light

I always thought I gave

I gave to her
I gave to the light
I tried to give to the light

But no
Now I see I take
All I'm doing is making her darker

I need to give back the light

Hero (365 Prompts #66)

It basically means "female hero of men"

I don't feel like a hero

Cranes (365 Prompts #65)

"Can I call you?"
Yeah, that'd be nice


"Cranes build themselves up!"

Thanks for calling the other day
It helped me feel better
Thanks, Ruby

Getting Over Feelings (365 Prompts #64)

Why in the world is music so great

It helps me get over sadness
And anger
And fear

I love

Heads or Tails

Pay a dime for a lime
Put the penny in your pocket
Then flip the extra nickel
Is it heads or tails?

Pay the toll, take a stroll
Mess with your brand new quarter
Spin it round through your fingers 
What a day of sales!


May Flowers

Rain pitter patters to the arid, unmoisturized ground
Green sprouts pop out of the soil and stretch towards the sun
Flowers begin to bloom as April ends and May comes in glory

Blue (Passion Prose)

Learning color was quite an odd experience
Thousands of shades and hues came into view
But no one else depicts color as well as you
How can your face be as bright yellow as the sun
With those eyes as gorgeous as the blue in the sea?
The brown in your hair turns to red in the light
Of the summertime, when the colors of the world appear most vibrant
And greens, blues, and purples shift to fiery golds and red
However your blue sharply contrasts against the hot colors
You stand out like you always have and never fail to delight me
Even when I'm at my lowest and my mind is plagued
I get comfort from you simply being there in your color and blue

Spice (365 Prompts #63)

My tongue rejects it
It doesn't work
Too hot
Too fiery
Too bright
Give me the milk!

Dancing for my Demons

Some nights  
It's war 

Red and black blood alike are spewn on the battlefield 
Battle cries are heard 
One girl versus an army of spider-like demons that can imitate her greatest horrors 

She seldom wins, raising one fist and standing on a pile of monster carcasses 
But she usually loses, eaten alive by the creatures, her creatures 

But some nights 
Oh, some nights 

Wires are strung through her fingers and a smile is strung on her face as she lets the demons take her 
She becomes a puppet and is forced to dance 
Dance, I say, dance 

The wires never snap, her feet never stumble, and her smile never falters 
She just dances for the demons 
Her demons

Critic (365 Prompts #62)

I screwed up yet again
You ruined everything
I know, go away
I can't
You ruined it
You always ruin it
I hate you
Everyone hates you
You can't do anything right
Go die


If I die, you won't be able to torture me
...good point
Suffer instead
Suffer for all the mistakes you made


"Excuse me!"

Your hand shot up sp suddenly, so strangely
And I felt this strange urge to grab your wrist
You spoke with confidence, certainty, and power
In a way that I felt I never could

It was only for a moment that I saw you that first time
But little did I know that we'd cross paths again

On the first day of class at a prestigious new school
You were there again
And I got a closer look

I saw how the light carefully reflected off your rectangular glasses
And made way for your dark blue eyes to shine through
Your hair matched those eyes, so shiny and silky
And your demeanor was different, but quite endearing

I learned about your intellect, your kind heart and strong will
I learned about what brought you here and why
And when we moved into the dorms, when we started growing closer
I felt myself being drawn to you
I felt...

Episode Eight

I trusted you
I trusted you with every ounce of my being

You were always there
Seemingly strict and respectful
But I knew your heart must have hd a soft spot

I could tell how you loved your best friend 
I could tell you somewhat enjoyed the mischief of the twins
I could tell you had a soft spot for the tall one
I could tell you smiled when with the short one
I could tell you cared about the manager
And I could tell the girl was important to you

I could tell your heart had a soft spot
And I trusted that soft spot
Until that day at the beach
When I learned that

I can't trust you

You did something to my friend that I could never forgive
I can't believe you, Kyoya-Senpai

JIA with P

can't move
can't play

just cry

and feel pain

Twist and Turn (365 Prompts #61)

I want to be the peacemaker 
In any way I can

I hate it when people fight
It twists me, frightens me

I don't wanna fight
Even if you hurt me sometimes

How is it possible to like you and dislike you
At the same time?

Could I just say one thing

I don't wanna fight you
But waiting hurts

Be Careful (365 Prompts #60)

Hit it once
And it cracks

Hit it twice
And it breaks

Hit it thrice
And it shatters

Please be careful
With my soul

After Dance Class (365 Prompts #59)

Thigh pulled
Soul crushed
Heart hurts
Stomach jumping

I need salad
That'll help

Call and Response

bones hallow 
as heart hallows

but bones can fill
as heart can fill

i promise you're going to get better
but daily adrenaline can fool a person and their progress
so when you go home tonight
remember how reality can change
lemme tell you-
"eat something delicious" 
"cleaning isn't bad with some help and music" 
"it's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them" 
i know reality takes a long time to change and it hurts  
gods, it hurts so much

but trust me when i say that lying awake is okay
struggling is okay 
clenching your fists instead of saying what you believe is okay

this reality 
can burn holes in your heart 
can create scars in my head 
but it's okay to let everything go, go, go 
it's okay to let people know

with this reality
escaping won't do any good 
neither will running away from 
all the pain 
that this reality causes

Right Bulb (365 Prompts #58)

My soul is a shadow
It's darkness itself
Even I don't know what it is

I can't yet turn on a light
I don't have the right bulb
I can't



You are light
Whether you think it or not

You are a star
Whether you believe it or not

You are perfect
Whether you know it or not

You reached out a hand
Even in your darkest times

I'll turn on a light
I promise

I love you
And I'm not going anywhere

Am I Allowed to Think About It? (Footnotes, Please!)

So am I allowed to think about it?

My mom says
If you don't really know, you're overthinking and are probably straight

She says
If you're still figuring it out, you're probably just straight

She says
Some of my LGTB-no wait, LGBT friends just knew from a young age, you might be overthinking

I don't know what to do
What's wrong with me?

Should I really just know?
Or should I not think?

Smile Glue (365 Prompts)


Five minutes
Just five more


I'm not ready
I haven't gotten my smile right
I need my smile glue


Paste on my smile

What a beautiful day!

Cinderella (365 Prompts)

Esmeralda was the modern day Cinderella. She ran down those stairs, only turning to look at her dream partner one last time. Then, she sprinted into the night, leaving nothing but a hairpin that clattered down the steps.

Touch (365 Prompts)

I wish
I wish
I could feel the touch of someone’s, of your hand


I know
I know
I probably will never be able to

I Just Knew (Passion Prose)

When the cherry blossoms boom and drift through the air
They brush through your hair and by your face, revealing your gleaming eyes
That sparkle whenever the light hits it, their green tint practically glowing
In the sun; I pull you closer to me now, we've had this intimacy
Since we were but small children, running around and away from each other
But at the same time, we knew, we just knew how our hearts felt One time you waited under a cherry tree, looking so perfect and beautiful
And I ran to you, I ran with every muscle in my body just to give you
A bunch of flowers and weeds I'd picked myself
They were wilting and soiled but perfect in my eyes; the green of their leaves and stems
Perfectly matched the green of your hair, and in that moment right then and there
As you took the flowers from my hands and the light of the...

Dear Diary (365 Prompts)

Dear Diary,
    I hate myself. That's a selfish thought, I know. I can't just hate myself if there's nothing there to hate, right? If I call myself a nothing then there's nothing to hate, so why should I hate myself?
    Seriously? Another war for me to fight?! I'm so sick of this...
    I'll figure it out. I shouldn't be ranting so much.

Extra Water (365 Prompts)

You think I need a movie to make me cry?
No way

I have my own brain
Playing dark scenes of the future
I have my own mind
Drowning me in darkness

Sometimes I'll hang on
Fighting against the monsters
Sometimes I won't give up
Climbing up the highest walls

Usually, though, I let them take me
Falling into a spiraling pool of darkness
Usually, though, I let them drag me to their cave
Panting and gasping for any bit of air

Regardless of whether I'm winning or losing the battle
The extra water still falls from my face

Walking Down Memory Lane (365 Prompts)

I want to take a hike down Memory Lane
I want you to see what we used to have

I want to run down Memory Lane
I want to show you what we used to do and how we can make a new path

I want to create a new Memory Lane
I want to build something that never has been

I want to have a Memory Lane
I want to share things with you

Sunset (365 Prompts)

The colors of the sky
Pierce my eyes, my eyes

Purple, pink, and red I see
Swirl around and give me ecstasy

Then darkness comes and bring the loud sounds
Of demons screeching, then I drown


I Thought You Were Better Than This

​You're an idiot
A freaking idiot



I can't dislike you
But open your damn eyes



Are you serious?
I thought you were so, so much better than this.


I Will Help

You may be drowning
But I can still swim

You may be sinking
But I can still try to pull you to the surface


Catholic (Footnotes)

I am a Christian, a Catholic
I believe in God
I believe in Jesus
I believe in the Holy Spirit


I am also striving for social justice
I believe that Black Lives Matter
I believe that love is love
I believe that all religions are connected somehow, some way

To me

God is God, and God loves everyone
Why shouldn't he
If He forgives our sins
If we worship Him
If He says He will always love us


Not all believe this
Not all think
That race doesn't matter
That a boy can love a boy or girl can love a girl or a boy can love a person or a girl can love a person or a person can love a person
That every religion has similar ideals and that it's okay to worship someone other than Christ or not worship at all

The loud minority say

Strive for Jesus Christ!
God loves you no matter what!

Selfish (365 Prompts)

I hate saying no
It makes me feel bad
And weak

I say no to lots of new things
But I know I'm letting someone down, I'm
And weak

I have to learn to be bad at something
I know I'm bad at sports but I guess not playing on teams is
And weak

I did volleyball for two years
And hated almost every second because I messed up so much
And weak

That's usually why I say yes to many things
Saying no makes me feel bad
And weak

School Joke (365 Prompts)

I don't have a favorite joke;
Then again, school can be fun sometimes.

Light Sonata (365 Prompts)

I’m writing a song
About stars
About light

It’s a sonata
With three movements
And I like it


There's a big difference between my friend and "my friend"

You are my friend
I call you my friend


"My friend" is for someone specific
Someone different
It's not just a phrase that means a friend who is mine
It's a nickname
For one person
Ily, my friend
You'll be alright, my friend
I've got your back, my friend

The Tables Have Turned

    Shouta giggled as her girlfriend, Izumi, scooped her up and carried her to their bedroom bridal style. They'd just arrived back from a gala and were relatively tired, but the couple was never tired enough for love (cheesy, I know)! Izumi tossed Shouta on the bed and climbed over top of her, planting red lipstick kisses all over her face and neck. It tickled the purple-haired-hero, who stifled another giggle. She leaned up and planted a kiss on Izumi's lips, blending the red and indigo lipstick. Shouta then wrapped a leg around Izumi's waist and rolled quickly to the side, pushing Izumi down onto the bed and ending up above her. A smirk crossed Shouta's face as she started kissing Izumi all over her face as Izumi had done to her a second ago. She pulled away for a moment, grinned, and said, "Oh, how the tables have turned," to which Izumi replied with a mischievous smile.

Bright Enough (365 Prompts)

The demons take me on many nights
And I let them
Because what else is there to do

I get swallowed in darkness
Like many others
Because I can't fight 

I'm not strong enough
Not yet, at least
To go to battle with the demons

It's too dark, they're too dark
I need light
I need to gather my light

In the mornings the demons are vanquished
By the sun that shines in my room

During the day the demons are vanquished
For a little
By the people that light up my heart

I'll fight when I'm bright enough
But for now
We'll take you

Sink or Swim (Footnotes Please)

I can't clear the water
But I can still reach out a hand

Wonderland (Footnotes)

"Kids these days!"

So we make dark jokes-
What's it to you?
We're not talking to you, buzz off.

"You never listen!"

So we use our cell phones-
What's it to you?
Our friends online can love us, but you never seem to.

"You have so much attitude, mouthing off and such."

So we come out as gay or bi or pan-
What's it to you?
It's our love life, not yours.

"When I was a kid, I had it so much worse."

So we seem sadder-
What's it to you?
At least you're happy, who cares about us?

"Kids these days!"

So what if we're teenagers?
Just because we use our phones or hide away does 
not make it okay for you to ridicule us.
In fact, it makes it worse.

You say we're crazy,
Or weird,
Or different from you-

Guess what?
Times are different,
And you're just gonna have to deal with us.

Welcome to Wonderland. ...

Too Late (Passion Prose)

My heart opens up each time you cross my gaze
A lotus that only blooms when the light hits it at the most perfect angle
That twists and turns as a sunflower just to catch a drop of that light, your light,
Your light that has always shone on you in the most incredible way, brighter than the sun
Or Apollo himself, you are his daughter, so I'm not surprised
And in the darkest of nights, your brightness is still there, in your hair,
Everywhere around you, you light up a room
And I know you love marigolds, so I put time into creating them for you
Because they remind me of you, their blazing orange petals standing out in a room
Like you do, you stood out ever since that first day when your arrow
Flew right across my forehead and sent a trickle of blood running to my eyebrow
But that pain was a mere buzzing compared to...

Filthy (365 Prompts)

Hands filthy
Arms spotted
Legs matted
Face covered

I'm caked 
In blood
I'm caked
In dirt



Wild Imagination (365 Prompts)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?

The person with the brightest face
They are not real; they have no place

Mirror, mirror, high above,
Who will be the one I most love?

The person with the brightest face
They are not real, they have no place

Mirror, mirror, let me see
Who will be the death of me?

The person with the brightest face
They are not real, they have no place

Mirror, mirror, this is strange
Who will make me go insane?

The person with the brightest face
They are not real, they have no place

Mirror, mirror, is it too late?
Can I change my terrible fate?


Nebula (Passion Prose)

Even if my cloak is shroud in darkness and my heart may have a curtain
Let me take my shadows and encase you, protect your light
And shield it from the burning blazes that threaten to take it over
Or take it somewhere different where it can swirl with my darkness
Like Yin and Yang; we can oppose but intertwine in some strange, warped harmony
Creating a nebula that is speckled with thousands of bits and pieces of our hearts
Which twinkle and rain and pour down into each other
So take my hand and I'll lead you to the rooftop
Where the warmth of my darkness can wrap your light that gives to my lack
As the stars above us sparkle like our hearts and souls and the soft breeze,
It weaves through my feathers and your sea-green hair, a sea that always has more to give
Holding an endless array of life and color that I will never...

Hurt Me (365 Prompts)

You don't need to hurt me  
If I already hurt myself 

Tell me I'm fat 
I won't say a word 
I already know it 
It doesn't bother me 

Tell me I'm annoying 
I'll keep my mouth shut 
It's true, yes it's true 
It doesn't hurt me 


Tell me I'm nothing 
And I'll die inside 
I'll spiral downwards and try not to drown 
It hurts me badly 

Because I know how true it is

Gem Joint (Passion Prose, Footnotes!)

Grainy sand slips through our toes as we dance under the moon
And the starlit sky illuminates your hair, your eyes, my gem
Which has started to glow and brighten once again
Like the planets in space and the creatures that inhabit them
They know how to join, they know how to feel freer than free
With each other, so come on close next to me
Because all we need is this beach, an empty stage
That lets us move as the waves that lap the shore and tickle our sand-crusted toes
As you spin, as you twirl, and your smile gets captured
In the beauty of the night, as your smile gets captured
In between my lips, our fingers can dance across each other and themselves
And our arms can encase and further provide a connection
Until everything in and around us glows pink
And we're left joint as one, someone bigger, brighter, bolder

Romance in the Air (Footnotes)

Raise your cups
Filled with tea
And listen

To a tale old and dark
Not too old, however
It still contains magic

Insomniacs Match (Part Nine)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part nine!

    The movie flashed across the television screen in vibrant color and detail while the sounds of laughing, screaming, crying were heard from the machine, along with the sound of munching zebra popcorn that came from Hatsume and Shinso's mouths. The support student was curled up in a blanket and resting her head on Shinso's chest, while the boy had an arm wrapped around her and was enjoying the way she seemed to glow with warmth. He'd made his special white-chocolate-dark-chocolate drizzled popcorn, which Hatsume was happily enjoying, to Shinso's delight. In the cozy darkness, her eyes still shone...

Lipstick Colors (Footnotes)

The crimson in your eyes draws me into your face 
Which fits perfectly in the palms of my hands
With fingers that run along your cheeks
Your light brown skin is softer and smoother than the finest silk 
And now it's speckled with my indigo lipstick, which you bought for me one time
Way back when before we found each other, and I bought you the ruby red
You still wear it on occasion and it makes my heart sing
Like now, now my face is dotted with that ruby lipstick as your arms wrap around my waist
And your tender lips continue to make their way to mine
So delicate, so gentle, I never want you to stop
Our lips finally lock, like the pieces of a puzzle
That paints a bigger picture and shows us something new
Never let me go, just hold me tight and kiss me
And I'll do the same to you, we're doing it...

No (365 Prompts)

See, here's the thing
This prompt contradicts itself

Overactive Imagination

I have an overactive imagination

When I lie awake in bed waiting for sleep and sadness to take me
I hold my plush animals
And pretend
    Someone is holding me
    Someone treasures me
    Someone loves me
    Someone cares about me

I'm a successful character
With a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a partner, a human to cuddle and kiss and love
I pretend
    That I can be that character
    That I am loved and cuddled
    That I am kissed and touched
    That I can be adored like that character

However I know this isn't true
Because then the demons come in
They aren't pretend
    No one could ever love you
    No one could ever cherish you
    No one could ever kiss or hug you
    No one could ever adore you

That's when I realize they're right
So my imagination...

Where Love Dies to Live (Solangelo)

So give me your face and let me kiss you silly
Let me run my lips along your jawbone and neck
And while the world seems to crumble around us, we can escape
Dive into my shadow, I'll take you home
To a dark place, dark place, a dark place I call my house;
My world is a place where romance goes to die
But everything goes to die here, so it lives
See what I mean as my tongue finds yours
And they dance as the gods do on crisp autumn nights and warm summer days
Praise is not necessary for them, no
All they need to whip their senses is a little cold, dreary darkness
Which is where we are now
Standing here, as children of the heavens above
So dance with me, sing with me, love with me
In this strange place where love dies to live

Friendship Tweet


Friends are people who 
Lift up

Friends don't forget
Please don't forget

Hold Me

Will you let me sleep next to you?

Can I hold you?
And can you hold me?
I'm feeling kind of touch-starved

I want to feel your warm embrace
I want to see what you see
The things you do and be

Will you hold me in your sleep?

To Change the Bold

If I could convince with just my words
I'd say a million true things

"You're perfect"
"I care about you"
"You're worth the world"


If I could change the bold, erase it and start over
I'd write a million true things

"That's great!"
"I'm so proud of you!"
"You've come so far!"


Bold can't be erased
It can never be erased



I'll try my best to cross it out
I'll try my best to change the bold

Empty Warehouse (365 Prompts)

I'm in this empty space
It's big
It's huge
It's gigantic
It's enormous

This place has nothing
Except potential

A warehouse
It could be more
It could be better
It could be greater
It could be grander

This place should be full
But it's not

Why does my heart feel empty?


I don't understand myself

I want someone to love me
    Cherish me
        Adore me
I want it so badly

But I know that no one possibly could
So why am I so desperate?

Your Secret (365 Prompts)

I can't keep a secret
Well, let me rephrase

I can keep ​your secrets
Tell me your crush, I won't tell a soul
Tell me what happened last night, my lips are sealed
Tell me how you're hurting, no one else will know


I can't keep my secrets
My whole sixth grade year was drama because my big mouth wouldn't shut
My crush knows (I'm still waiting) because I'm so damn obvious
My mind can't keep my thoughts to myself

I talk too much
I need to shush
I need to hush
I need to quiet down

And just listen

Tell me a secret
And I will keep it

Purple Sneakers

Those sneakers are iconic
Every time I see them
My heart flutters

They're her sneakers
Her squeaky purple sneakers
With white soles and cream laces

They look so awesome
I wish I had a pair of sneakers like that
But she definitely wears them best


Car Crash (365 Prompts)

I'm terrified of driving
What if I crash?

The idea of holding my own jangling keys makes me sick with fear

I can't hurt anyone
I've already hurt too many

Tea Time (365 Prompts)

Lemon tea 
White tea
Black tea

Haven't tried
Half of them
Or most
In between

My favorite
Is the first one
Stole my heart

French vanilla
Is a true
Work of art

Coffee tastes
Quite bitter
Worse than 
Death itself

Maybe that's
Why it sits
High up
On my shelf

March Grab Bag

Still Standing

Write an acrostic poem (in which each letter spells out a word or phrase) with your username (by BriRiley).

Trying to get life together
Writing music, art, stories, and poems
I know my format is awful
Never going to stop caring about people, I promise
K, see ya
Loving parts of life and hating others but still pushing through every day
It's not procrastinating, it's saving it because I work better against the clock
Nothing is worse about me than my own weird brain
Going tottery to be an actress but will probably end up in a coffee shop 
Lighting up every time I hear a song I like or see the notification bubble
Insert witty comment about something random here
Give advice to others but never follow it myself
Has crushes on people who never feel the same
Trusts everyone too fast
Still standing

To Build a Fire (365 Prompts)

It takes awhile
I mean a long time
To build a fire

You need tinder
Dry leaves, little twigs
To build a fire

You need kindling
Bigger sticks and logs
To build a fire

You need fuel
A match, a lighter
To build a fire

You need patience
An everlasting amount of patience
To build a fire

Rainbow Tears (Footnotes)

Verse 1:

My shirt is stained with the rain
But all the colors of the rainbow still remain

I've got pain in my brain
In my body, and it's coursing through my veins but I don't strain

Don't worry
The pain won't stay
It's going away

I can't tell you how I've waited
What I've confiscated

This is the day
To arrive, feel alive

I'm elated 
I survived


I've got
Rainbow Tears
And they're drippin' down my arms
Down my thighs, out my eyes
I scream with joy out loud

I've got 
Rainbow Tears 
And they're swallowin' me whole
I'm color-kissed, I raise my fist
And I'm proud

Verse 2:

I'm in this place, a weird space
And all this warm liquid is tracin' down my face

I haven't been displaced or replaced
And it's the fact I'm not erased that I embrace

Don't worry
I've once recoiled
But I'm no longer in toils

I've come so far ...

Apparently (Read Footnotes)

I thought this was a safe space
A safe space where we could share thoughts, answers, and questions
A safe space where we could release our inner emotions through writing

But no
Apparently not

I love this space
I love being able to express my feelings through words
I love being able to connect with others through mountains of beautifully crafted pieces

But no
We're apparently limited

Jigsaw (365 Prompts)

Jigsaw puzzles enchant me
Using logic to secure one tiny bit of an enormous picture is an incredible concept to me

One piece
Out of many
To create
Something better

Kinda reminds me of our world
Humans are pieces of the jigsaw puzzle 
We bond to create extraordinary things

Kinda reminds me of our brains
We can have trouble picking up the pieces of broken glass that never seem to fit together
Our brains are jigsaw puzzles with missing and misplaced pieces

Kinda reminds me of our hearts and souls
Do you know how it feels
To be broken


Broken and puzzles can be the same thing
They're both pieces that fit together

So is it bad for us to be jigsaw puzzles?


three words 

three words that mean
a lot more than meets the eye


one who cares about you
one who wants the best for you
your friend
your true friend


your amazing soul
your heart
your mind
your emotions
and everything else

i love you
i love you
i love you


What is wrong with my brain?!
My dreams are crazy!

I ran away from a marriage.
I was thirteen, she was fourteen.
I tried to escape, but she talked to me.
I went to buy a wedding dress after a nice conversation.

No wonder I ran away!
We were so young!

At least she held my hand.

A Sign for My Room (365 Prompts)



I cry for them
I ache for them
I bleed for, hurt for, wail for them

One is going through way too much
Another is bottling things up, things up
Another is hurting
Hurting too much, too much

How can I help?
I'm trying my best

I cry for them
I ache for them
I bleed for, hurt for, wail for them

One puts up a good, funny front
But something in them is dwindling, dwindling 
I cry for another
Who's dear, dear

Is dear kind or not?
I'm trying to see

I cry for them
I ache for them
I bleed for, hurt for, wail for them

They deserve love
They really do, really do
They're all in pain
My heart breaks, it breaks

Is it their fault?
Absolutely not.

I cry for them
I ache for them
I bleed for, hurt for, wail for them



the colors are beginning to fade

my friends are turning grey
their eyes are losing life
their hair is stringy and strange
they're losing color

the members of this community are turning grey
their inspiration sources seem to be fading
their spirits seem sad and out of it
they're losing color

my family is turning grey
their mouths are almost always turned down
their smiles don't seem as genuine anymore
they're losing color

the world is turning grey
it's trembling
it's dying
it's losing color

what happened to us?

Lonely Future

    A girl with soft blond hair, frosty blue eyes, and cat's eye glasses makes her way into the pastel coffee shop for another day of nine to five labor. Her fingers are tingling, having practiced the piano an hour earlier, putting on a grand performance for an audience she knows will never exist. Her breakfast was different; special, you could say. She feels slightly better than normal as she ties her apron around her neck and waist, preparing to help open up shop for the hundreds of hungry customers that'd make their way into the shop that day. 
    A coworker nods to the girl, who blushes and nods back. The girl grimaces at herself, mentally screaming. Don't blush. They have a boyfriend.
    The day is busy, but not too busy for a summer day. The shop sign spins at five minutes after five, and the girl's coworkers chat amongst themselves as they all clean...


i could find a cure for cancer
and they'd all say "we get it"

Blame (365 Prompts)

something went down with my sis yesterday
something i probably shouldn't say
don't worry, i'm fine, we're both okay
it was probably all my fault anyway

Insomniacs Match (Part 8)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part eight!

    Students tipped their heads in confusion as they watched Hitoshi Shinso bounce down the hallways with a bit of a pep in his step. It was highly unusual, as he was often exhausted, slumped over, and grouchy. Recently, however, his peers had been noticing his change in attitude, and it truly bewildered them. More strangely, Shinso was messing with his fingers out of anxiousness, which was even rarer. Many students were quite perplexed.
    Shinso, on the other hand, was practically pinching himself out of anticipation, nervousness, and excitement. He was going to ask Hatsume to accompany...

My Heart (365 Prompts)

My teacher tells us about persecution of Christians
The heater next to me buzzes

Other students are chatting amongst themselves
The pitter-patter of toes tip-tapping on the ground sounds like a drum beat

And then there's my heart
My waiting heart

Op-Ed Competition 2021

Rivers (Final Version)

I like to think that our souls are like rivers.

One day, they may flow freely, rushing through, around, over, and under various obstacles, splashing water across the land and even into other rivers. They babble and churn with life, cascading through the forests, tumbling across the countryside, speeding over hills and into valleys without slowing down or coming to a halt. Some rivers may be murkier than others, that murk sometimes gets washed away.

Other days, our rivers may be more like streams, commonly overlooked and missed but having so much to offer. Still, the streams are quieter, not as lively, maybe even more despondent or depressing. A lot of streams, unfortunately, have dirt and rocks clouding and contaminating them. However, streams provide more for other rivers.

Our rivers may also feel like lakes, still and seemingly boring but calm, peaceful, and serene. We can bring so much to others without them fully knowing. While lakes do not move...


Apollo and Hermes would make a good ship.
It's really too bad they're brothers.

Year by Year

Life Sucks

Year 0: This was the year of my birth. I came into this world screaming, and, surprisingly, with bright blue eyes that looked like frosted glass. My parents both have brown eyes, so this was shocking.

Year 1: I turned one. I don't remember anything, other than I didn't crush my cake; I ate it like a civilized being. I don't recall anything else from this year, unfortunately, but I suppose that's a given.

Year 2: This is the year of my first memory, which takes place on my second birthday party. I was eating a chocolate cupcake with bright purple frosting-my favorite color-and standing right by the window, my head just grazing the bottom of the windowsill. I heard my grandfather, my Pop-Pop, ask, "Is it good?" That's where the memory ends. Yes, I know, cliffhanger. This was also the year my irritating, loud, gremlin of a sister was born. I love her to death LENA AND RUBY NEVER...

Research Paper? Nah.

Words? Bland.
Notes? Bad.
Outline? Incomplete.
Thesis? Weak.

Head? Empty.
Heart? Slowing.
Emotions? Panicking.
Soul? Dying.

And we only just started the rough draft of the introduction.

Fifteen Years (365 Prompts)

A golden necklace sits around his neck
It's rusted
It's crumbling
But it holds memories

His lover, his soulmate gave it to him
Before leaving
Before going
But he/she might return

The necklace still sits fifteen years later
But it shines in the light

He sees him
sees him
And sparks seem to fly


Intro (Quiet):
You're clogging my senses
Breakin' down my fences
And now I'm defenseless
To you

I thought it was over
Then you pulled me closer
And nothing can separate
Us two

Verse 1:
I thought that you had my back always
On bad days like dark haze from fiery blaze

Apparently you proved that untrue
And you knew what you'd do, your evil just grew

You're clogging my senses
Breakin' down my fences
And now I'm defenseless
To you

I thought it was over
Then you pulled me closer
And nothing can separate
Us two

Verse 2: 

I was too naive, I thought it would end 

Op-Ed Competition 2021

Rivers (Final Version)

I like to think that our souls are like rivers.

One day, they may flow freely, rushing through, around, over, and under various obstacles, splashing water across the land and even into other rivers. They babble and churn with life, cascading through the forests, tumbling across the countryside, speeding over hills and into valleys without slowing down or coming to a halt. Some rivers may be murkier than others, that murk sometimes gets washed away.

Other days, our rivers may be more like streams, commonly overlooked and missed but having so much to offer. Still, the streams are quieter, not as lively, maybe even more despondent or depressing. A lot of streams, unfortunately, have dirt and rocks clouding and contaminating them. However, streams provide more for other rivers.

Our rivers may also feel like lakes, still and seemingly boring but calm, peaceful, and serene. We can bring so much to others without them fully knowing. While lakes do not move...

Petals of Power Background (Tidbit, kind of part 2 of the background)

    The poorest rocks were-and still are-the pebbles, used as slaves, ridiculed, and oppressed. They take the labor work, being pushed around like badly mistreated cows and donkeys. The worst part, however, is-

    Their dead bodies are sent to other kingdoms and used for trivial things such as tiling and paving.
    The other races walk over the dead.

My Brain Hurts Me

To everyone I've ever known:
I'm sorry

I don't know why I feel I need to apologize
But my brain hurts me if I don't

I know I did something wrong to you
Regardless of what you think

I'm not a good friend to any of you
And even though I want love, I know I'll never find it

I'm sorry for being clingy and rude
I'm sorry for venting right now

Don't tell me I don't need to apologize
Because I know I do

Just take the apology
I don't even want forgiveness

Little Sister (365 Prompts)

I can't
I don't understand the thoughts behind the poetry
I can't just take a piece and rewrite it

I'll do what you tell me to

“One sister for sale,
One sister for sale,
One crying and spying young sister for sale
I'm really not kidding so who'll start the bidding
Do I hear a dollar?
A nickle?
A penny?
Oh isnt there isnt there isnt there any
One person who will buy this sister for sale
This crying spying old young sister for sale.”-Shel Silverstein

A little sister up for bid!
A little sister up for bid!
An annoying and sneaky little sister up for bid!
I'm quite serious, she makes me delirious
Will someone pay a dollar?
50 cents?
Even a dime?
Come on, people, buy, I'm running out of time!
Just one soul who will but a little sister up for bid
This annoying and sneaky little sister up for bid-My rewrite

Interesting ...

Op-Ed Competition 2021

Rivers (Final Version)

I like to think that our souls are like rivers.

One day, they may flow freely, rushing through, around, over, and under various obstacles, splashing water across the land and even into other rivers. They babble and churn with life, cascading through the forests, tumbling across the countryside, speeding over hills and into valleys without slowing down or coming to a halt. Some rivers may be murkier than others, that murk sometimes gets washed away.

Other days, our rivers may be more like streams, commonly overlooked and missed but having so much to offer. Still, the streams are quieter, not as lively, maybe even more despondent or depressing. A lot of streams, unfortunately, have dirt and rocks clouding and contaminating them. However, streams provide more for other rivers.

Our rivers may also feel like lakes, still and seemingly boring but calm, peaceful, and serene. We can bring so much to others without them fully knowing. While lakes do not move...

Bilingual (365 Prompts)

I have a Spanish teacher
Let's call her Señora K
She helped find all the right words
And melted my fears away

I used to despise Spanish
It hurt my heart to learn
But then Señora came along
And all my hate just burned

She taught us verbs and adjectives
Nouns, prepositions, and more
Now, when I have Spanish class
My hand shoots up, my heart soars

I have a Spanish teacher
Her name is Señora K
She taught so many amazing words
I thank her every day

Sports Bra

My crush wears a sports bra.
Need I say more?

Incase you're wondering how I know this info-
You can kinda tell when she wears a gym shirt.

Not implying anything dirty here.

Shopping (365 Prompts)

I hate saying it
"I want..."
Makes me feel selfish

The only thing I could ever truly desire
Is love

Op-Ed Competition 2021

Rivers (Final Version)

I like to think that our souls are like rivers.

One day, they may flow freely, rushing through, around, over, and under various obstacles, splashing water across the land and even into other rivers. They babble and churn with life, racing through the forests, zooming across the countryside, speeding over hills and into valleys without slowing down or coming to a halt. Some rivers may be murkier than others, but some of that gets washed away.

Other days, our rivers may be more like streams, commonly overlooked and missed but having so much to offer. Still, the streams are quieter, not as lively, maybe even more despondent or depressing. A lot of streams, unfortunately, have dirt and rocks clouding and contaminating them. However, streams provide more for other rivers.

Our rivers may also feel like lakes, still and seemingly boring but calm, peaceful, and serene. We can bring so much to others without them fully knowing. While lakes do not...

Petals of Power (Prequel, Part 1)

    In the beginning, there were the trees.
    Playful little saplings simply popped out of the dirt and began boisterously running around, claiming the great expanse of land as their own. There was no government, nor were there any issues with government, and life was simply exquisite. Grass began to grow with each step of each oak, birch, sycamore, bonsai, baobab, creating a land flourishing with bright green vegetation. Dew was found and consumed once a year, trees grew and became great and mighty, finding permanent spots to settle down, and thousands of years passed. 
    Then came the rocks.
    It began with a strange pain in a Maple's roots, then a tingling sensation at the base of a Gum, then a great boulder just came into view one day. The boulder rolled down a hill, practically faster than lightning, and crashed into Oak, whose bark was hacked away with the collision. Down the hill came...


I like to think that our souls are like rivers.

One day, they may flow freely, rushing through, around, over, and under various obstacles, splashing water across the land and even into other rivers. They babble and churn with life, racing through the forests, zooming across the countryside, speeding over hills and into valleys without slowing down or coming to a halt. Some rivers may be murkier than others, but some of that gets washed away.

Other days, our rivers may be more like streams, commonly overlooked and missed but having so much to offer. Still, the streams are quieter, not as lively, maybe even more despondent or depressing. A lot of streams, unfortunately, have dirt and rocks clouding and contaminating them. 

Our rivers may also feel like lakes, still and seemingly boring but calm, peaceful, and serene. We can bring so much to others without them fully knowing. While lakes do not move and do not contain the life...

Pessimist (365 Prompts)

Great things are also awful

Ice cream tastes amazing
But it's bad for you
It makes you fat

I shouldn't eat it

I love to play piano
But you mess up a lot
Your fingers can't take it

I should probably give up

I adore singing
But you're not as good as lots of people
You cry if you make a mistake

I should quit voice lessons

I love my friends
But they don't love you
How could anyone love you?

I don't know

S (365 Prompts)

Slithering, snaking, shifting 
Shadows slip silently

Swiftly scattering somewhere
Shadows slip away

Cotton Candy Kiss (Part 4)

    Kiaran felt his face become hot and force itself into a weak smile, showing no teeth. His pulse quickened and sweat practically dripped from the palms of his hands. A slight pressure on his hand caused Kiaran's eyes to drift down to the sight of Aidan's fingers resting on his.
    That was enough to send Kiaran's adrenaline and anxiousness skyrocketing. However, he stayed silent as Aidan spoke once more.
    "I see you in school sometimes, and I see how people treat you, and it's just not fair. You seem really nice and fun, and I don't get why you get treated that way. I'm really sorry for not stepping in and doing something...it's really mean of me." The words poured out of Aidan's mouth, perfectly articulated and full of emotion. "So when Courtney threw that slushie at you and you ran off, I blew up. I started yelling at her, which, looking back on it now, wasn't...

A Month Ago

A month ago
I met someone
Someone who's kind and true

A month ago
I met someone
Who told me "Nice to meet you!"

Three weeks ago
I talked to him
He's going through a lot

Three weeks ago
I talked to him
I told him "You'll fight, you're fighting, you fought."

Two weeks ago
He vented
He said "I don't know what to do."

Two weeks ago
He vented
I said "I'm here for you."

One week ago
I got so scared
I thought we weren't friends

One week ago
I got so scared
I thought it'd all end

I'm happy
I have a friend, I know

I'm happy
Who knows how far we'll go?

Blazing (365 Prompts)

They jangle the doorknob, stuck in place since seemingly the dawn of time. The knob is hot, and smoke billows into the air from the doorknob instantaneously as their hand heats up and becomes scarred. Nonetheless, they keep turning until, to their great astonishment, the door swings open.
Fire swallows them.


Take my music-
My scenery that I so delicately crafted to greatly please the listener
My tinkling notes that whisper as the wind does during a blizzard and chirp as the crickets in the twilight hour
My cadences I wanted to sound like pure bliss and paradise, the folds of the dynamics encasing the listener in luxury-
And burn it.

Take my art-
My canvases of color that I splashed in intricate ways
My bodies and clothing I tried my best to make look perfect and ordinary rather than lopsided and misshapen 
My slates with various characters, with expressions and poses unlike that of the real world, who thrive in their own worlds-
And burn it.

Take my writing-
My stories filled with details of lands both ancient and modern
My poems capturing snapshots of my love, my pain, my heart, my soul
My work that I've tried my hardest to engross the readers in, to enchant anyone who comes...

A Living Chance (Read Footnotes)

I have a chance
I never would have thought that a ruby might fancy a pearl

I have a chance
Two others came into the equation

I have a chance
I'll be here as long as it takes

I have a chance
A chance to be the ruby's sapphire

The answer was a maybe
But I still have a chance

you're blind

to irritation
to annoyance
to pure anger

open your eyes
i'm serious

Itself (365 Prompts)

what am i afraid of?
i am afraid of tens
maybe even hundreds
of various things


i am afraid of
pain itself
these are all common things


i am also afraid of
the future
death itself
these ideas are deeper and darker


i am also afraid of
my family
my friends
these are quite irrational


the worst thing to be afraid of
is the trauma

Dreadful Future (365 Prompts)

The future is a terrible concept

The idea that anything could happen is horrifying

I dread the future
I dread the thought of losing everyone
I dread the thought of living life alone
I dread moving forward

But the worst part?

I've already accepted the worst life possible
So what am I dreading?

Lucky Number 8 (365 Prompts)

    My lucky number has always been the number eight. I was born on the eighth of a month (can't say which for privacy, sorry) and I've always managed to use that number to my advantage. Whether it be picking a number to be assigned to me or counting beats and steps when dancing or something completely random like picking 88 candies in a jar, it always comes in handy. 
    Seven, however, is the worst number. It's an unlucky number in general, but for me, it's especially unfortunate. I always mess up when I have to dance on the seventh beat, and seven markers means there's bound to be one missing. And apparently, seven is never the answer on a math test.


Colors blend to create something
Something mystical

I'm proud

Come On Man

Are you blind?
Look for the signs, seriously.


I told her my feelings
She smiled and said "I know"

I asked her what I was to her
She said "a person"

I am very confused
What does she mean?

Hate for History

I can't stand history
You can't expect us to study for a major test in one night
With words and terms that are scattered and unorganized and incorrect
And two different sets of notes 

I can't stand history
You tell us to write papers
Like diplomats, expecting us to win dozens of awards and plaques
But we can't do that without the necessary information that you won't give us

I can't stand history
You make us memorize maps
Which I don't mind half the time
But it's stressful when we have your other tests and projects going on

I can't stand history
You never give us any information
Which causes us to stress, stress, stress
And we can't go on much longer

Cotton Candy Kiss (Part 3)

    Aidan's face became clearer as he sat down next to Kiaran, his freckles coming into view and his smile shining as bright as day, even in the late hours of the evening. Kiaran could not believe that he was sitting next to Aidan, of all people, at this very moment. He quickly looked at the ground and hid his face in shame.
    "Courtney is a real pain, I know," Aidan remarked, opening the bag he held. He offered it to Kiaran. "Cotton candy?"
    The bag held fluffy, sugary pink clouds of goodness, ready to melt in the mouth and satisfy the person who was bestowed with the gift. Kiaran looked up at Aidan and gave him a weak smile, which the other reciprocated.
    "My favorite. How'd you know?" The question popped out of Kiaran's mouth as he tore off a piece of the delicacy.
    Aidan shrugged. "I'd just had a...

It Doesn't Matter That I Can't See (365 Prompts)

Everyone knows where they're going
But I can't tell

I can't see ahead of me
Everything is in flames
Everything is shrouded in smoke and scorching heat
Everything is coming from me

I don't know who I am
But I know I hate myself
I don't know where to go
But I know I am nothing

The sparks pop out of my hands
They burn my arms and scar me for life

The smoke pours out of my mouth 
I can't breathe
I'm dying
I'm hurting myself and I don't know how to stop

But this is the problem
My problems don't fucking matter
The smoke can surround me
But I'll still reach out a hand for you

If I can't see where I'm going
The least I can do is help others find their way

Ball and Chain

I want
To let
My fingers and wrists

Things must be done first

I have 
To work
Doing so makes me

There is
Something that is worse

Studying takes
Lots of time
I want to rip out my

I eat
Which distracts me and my brain

Is spelling
I must say 

To other activities
For words
I strap on my ball and chain

In a jail

You don't want to know
The hundreds of letters
I've seen, I see, I saw

This spelling
Just makes me want to 

All I...

Cotton Candy Kiss (Part 2)

    The name echoed in Kiaran's mind like a loud shout winding through a deep canyon, bouncing off the walls and taking a nosedive right into his heart. It caused his heart to pound intensely, which caused Kiaran to wince. 
    This wasn't supposed to happen.
    Kiaran had never had much interest in girls. His peers would make crude remarks about how some girls looked, or note on their personality, or develop crushes on them, or even date a girl who reciprocated their feelings. Nonetheless, Kiaran never thought of any girl in more than a platonic light, which made him nervous. 
    When he thought of Aidan, however, a spark ignited something in his heart, causing Kiaran's face to flush, his chest to beat rapidly, and his head to spin.
    What is this? Kiaran tightened his grip on the bench and held his head, becoming slightly dizzy. 
    Aidan was...

Housefire (365 Prompts)

The flames threw the house into an uproar
Everything inside was gone
My memories and my life


3/4 of a mile
3/4 of a cup
3/4 of an hour

We're doing it
3/4 of the way there

Cotton Candy Kiss (Part 1)

    Shimmering stars dotted the twilight sky, and a cool breeze swept through the humid air. Screams of joy from children and teenagers alike, bells of arcade games, and the rushing noises of the attractions echoed through the lively park, giving it a lighthearted, exciting feel. Every human strolling around felt elated, gleeful, and anticipative. However, one unlucky teenage boy was not.
    Kiaran stormed over to the nearest food kiosk and ripped napkins out of the dispenser. A spacious blue stain was plastered to the front of his plain white shirt. He stopped dead in his tracks and began wiping furiously at the stain, squeezing the shirt around the napkins, trying to force the sickly-sweet substance out. Unfortunately, Kiaran's efforts proved futile, and he scowled at the now blue shirt. 
    The metal bench gave a loud clanking sound as the angry boy plunked down on it, crossing his arms in irritation.
    I should never...

A (The Little Things)

    A bright letter A at the top of a test you took feels so good.
    Imagine studying ridiculously hard for a challenging test in your weakest subject (for me, that's science) and going to school to plop down in your desk and, biting your nails, pick up your pen to write words that you've carved into your mind. A little while later, you complete the exam and turn it in, sweat beading up on your forehead. You anxiously await results for days, terrified for possible failure. Then, you finally get the test back. Your eyes drift to the top of the piece of paper and-
    The letter A is encircled in red marker.

Bittersweet (365 Prompts, See Footnotes)

Your smile fixed my broken heart
Thank you, Ruby

Insomniacs Match (Part Seven)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part seven!

    Breathe. Focus. Concentrate.
    Shinso gripped his scarf firmly, taking a look at his surroundings. Passers-by chattered in small clusters and flashed their quirks for others to see. Students munched on various snacks and dashed throughout the grassy area. The sun shone brightly and sent piercing light down to the earth.
    The boy spotted a tree on the outskirts of the vicinity, farther away from the other students. Perfect. His grip on the scarf tightened as he shifted his stance, aiming his throw towards the tree. After taking a deep breath-
    Shinso let the...


You climb higher and higher
No matter how hard I try, I'm stuck in the same spot

I make things
I create things

That's not it

I make things for you
I create things for you

Why can't you see?
Why can't you understand?

Am I just a friend?
An acquaintance?

Do I matter to you?
Or am I simply tolerable

I wish you saw me differently
I wish I was more important to you

Evening Comment

The comment sits there
I read it

My heart breaks

At the same time

My heart is strung together

He's back
I think I have my friend back


My friend passed me words:
"I've known for awhile now."
Crap. What do I do?

Do you think she knows?
Does she know I know she knows?
And-what does she think?


My heart beats noisily in my chest
When I see this gorgeous girl
But she's a sparkling red ruby
And I'm simply a pearl

She's got brown eyes like chocolate
And hair that bounces in curls
But how could a beautiful ruby
Like a plain old pearl

I think we could do such great things
Together, we could twirl
But there's no way a rare ruby
Could succeed with a common pearl

Great Minds (365 Prompts)

I can't choose one
I love the minds of everyone I come across in some way


An unread message
An unanswered message

The words that I crafted using what is true from days ago sit there
I reload my page every so often

I want him back

My friend
I just want you back


Spelling Bee

How do you spell school?

How do you spell teenagers?

How do you spell music?

How do you spell friend?

How do you spell relationship?

How do you spell nothing?


Days Ago

i knew it
i knew it
i knew it

i knew it'd go downhill sooner or later

i don't hate him
i don't hate him
i don't hate him

what if he hates me


it shattered

Pick your Poison (365 Prompts)

My room may be neat
But my mind is not

My books may be lined perfectly on shelves
My markers are organized in tens, elevens, and twelves


My room may be spotless
But my heart is still stained

My earrings and bracelets all lie on a tray
My old crafts and toys are all packed away


My room can be clean
But my soul cannot

I'm plagued

I want you to clean me
But I'm scared to poison you first

Come near and take a risk?
Or stay back and miss out on the part of me that is clean?

Until you decide
I'll straighten my room


A Rant About Shipping

    Leave if you don't know fandoms.
    I am going to discuss something important.

    Cue ominous music.

    Why the hell do we ship a character with a brick?
    I'm serious. We also ship that character with a stapler. I don't understand what goes through our minds when these characters get shipped.     
    Like, okay, I get that Jason Grace accidentally cut himself with a stapler, but why a brick? He has never had any chemistry with any brick. Ever. Poor Piper is being left in the dust for a brick!
    Why, dear gods, why do we ship a broccoli boy with every single freaking character in the show?!?!
    Google Deku x LITERALLY ANYTHING and there is fan art. 
    It really irks me, furthermore, that we feel the need to ship...

A Comment Ad

I open the website for the five hundredth time that day
Someone commented on a recent piece

I'm excited, ecstatic, euphoric
But what do I see?

An ad
An ad for another's piece

Thanks for killing my mood

A Comment Ad

I open the website for the five hundredth time that day
Someone commented on a recent piece

I'm excited, ecstatic, euphoric
But what do I see?

An ad
An ad for another's piece

Thanks for killing my mood

Writer's Block (Read Footnotes)


nothing in my brain
no ideas
no words
what do i do?

Forgotten (365 Prompts)

    Sure, everyone knows the word ancient means very old.
    But what about its deeper meaning?
    To me, this word means something that is aged, but not forgotten. It may not exist anymore, but it is not forgotten.
    The difference between old and ancient are simply the extremities of just how old. However, another difference is the aspect of whether or not the object still exists in its full glory. Some ancient things--like ancient beliefs--do not exist, but they have not been erased. Other such things--like ancient artifacts--still do exist, but are extremely broken down and not even close to their prime.
    Nonetheless, a lot of ancient things are still important.
    So why do we forget them?

Cotton Candy

I saw her at the park
I was put under a spell
Her face was like a pixie's
And her laugh like tinkling bells

She wore a bunch of fair-themed pins
A big one caught my eye
I got a closer look at it
As I walked right on by

She shot me a smile that 
Fit her face just like a glove
Everything about her just reminded me of~

Cotton candy
Sweet, sweet sugar silkily spun
Cotton candy
Food for thought, for laughs, for fun

Cotton candy
A bright and beautiful swirl
Perfect and sweet
That's my girl


Cotton Candy

Cotton candy
Sweet, sweet sugar silkily spun
Cotton candy
Food for thought, for laughs, for fun

Cotton candy
A bright and beautiful swirl
Perfect and sweet
That's my girl


Insomniacs Match (Part Six)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part six!

    The pink and purple duo was taking a quiet, peaceful walk through UA's campus, simply enjoying each other's company. There was a gentle breeze pulsing through the air, and the sun was shining brightly, providing some midday warmth. As the pair walked, Hatsume slurped on a box of grape juice, her arm swinging by her side. Every so often, she'd glance up at Shinso and shoot him a smile.
    Shinso, on the other hand, was kicking a pebble along while he stepped, his face feeling slightly flushed.
    What the hell is going on? he...

No Soul

If someone took my voice away from me, I'd die.

I can't live without singing, speaking, making my voice heard, etc. I adore singing, opening my mouth and allowing a song to caress out and swell, filling the air. Speaking is important to me as well, for giving my opinion is quite important to me.

Without a voice, you may as well not have a soul.

Shut Down

Chromebooks suck
Mine decided to randomly shut down

I didn't save my writing
I was mid-sentence, why would I
Well, crap


I like to think that our souls are like rivers.

One day, they may flow freely, rushing through, around, over, and under various obstacles, splashing water across the land and even into other rivers. They babble and churn with life, racing through the forests, zooming across the countryside, speeding over hills and into valleys without slowing down or coming to a halt. Some rivers may be murkier than others, but some of that gets washed away.

Other days, our rivers may be more like streams, commonly overlooked and missed but having so much to offer. Still, the streams are quieter, not as lively, maybe even more despondent or depressing. A lot of streams, unfortunately, have dirt and rocks clouding and contaminating them. 

Our rivers may also feel like lakes, still and seemingly boring but calm, peaceful, and serene. We can bring so much to others without them fully knowing. While lakes do not move and do not contain the life...

Eavesdrop (365 Prompts)

I can't say I really remember any conversations I've eavesdropped on...but I do know I eavesdrop. 
A lot.
Probably way too much.
An unhealthy amount.
The plus side of eavesdropping is that you can discover so much about a person just by listening to or watching one of their conversations. What's their body language like? How are they speaking? Do they seem icy and annoyed, or angry and emotional, or gleeful and excited? The possibilities are endless.
Plus, you get a good story.
However, everyone knows the negative of eavesdropping: it's nosy and rude and you shouldn't get in people's business.

But it's so much fun~


I'm scared
For them
For me

They were in my dreams again
They scared me
They terrified me

They lied
They lied
They lied

I woke up
It was over
Why would they lie about something like that?

They wouldn't 
I know they wouldn't
I'm going to try to help them

Fleeting Moments

A while back, you kissed me in my dreams

Things went downhill
I was sad, I was scared
You put a hand on my shoulder
Were the only one who cared

You looked into my eyes
While I looked at yours
Two gorgeous, chocolate pools
I had to explore

Then, you leaned forward
And so did I
I thought I was killed
I thought I might die

Then, all of a sudden
Your soft lips brushed mine
My thoughts started spiraling
Could this be a sign

In that single, fleeting moment
My heart felt so light
I leaned into your kiss
On that extraordinary night

And then, it was over
Our lips flew away
You wrapped your arms around me
And made everything okay

You held me forever
And I didn't want it to end
But then I woke up
And I realized we're just friends

Oh, how it was wonderful
How real it seems 
But a while back

Happy Marriage (365 Prompts)

"Their marriage was a happy one."

Oh yes, maybe it seemed happy on the outside, but not all apples have sweet cores.
Diana may look happy and cheerful when pacing around the town with Glenn, and Glenn may fawn over her and constantly stick to her side, but-
The interiors of their seemingly perfect relationship are twisted and dark.

Imagine being hit over the back of the head, in the face, on the forearm, on the chest so many times that suddenly, your breath cuts out, and you begin desperately gasping for air as the blood trickles up and out of your mouth and down your chest, staining your shirt, all while being told you're stupid, pathetic, a waste, weak, and nothing.

This is Glenn's reality each night.

He uses makeup to cover the scars on the outside, and an unhealthy optimism to hide his injuries on the inside.

Do you think their marriage is a happy one?


What Have You Done?

You fell into a spiraling sadness
Then came to me in complete madness
Was it you? Or was it your other side
Who’d apparently chosen to permanently abide?

What have you done?
I thought you were better than this
Way back when, I tried to help you, tried to help you resist
But that, that was quite long ago
Now you’re standing in front of me as my foe

What have you done?
I tried my best to help you
I thought I had your back and that you had mine too
Now I can clearly see that it was all just for fun
So now I must ask just 

What have you done?

Negatives to Positives, Positives to Negatives

Hey, that piece I played wasn't half bad!

I think my hair looks pretty good today!

I should ask Lena about this book, oh and I need to show Ruby some art.

I'll do better on the next question!

I know the answer to this one!

I have some great news about this chapter in this manga I really need to talk about!

I need to finish this, sorry. I promise I'll be right with you!

Just a bit more practice and I've got it!


Um... I slipped up a few notes. It was really bad.

My hair is all tangled... I just brushed it, but it looks awful.

I'll just search up the book, and my art is pretty terrible.

Darnit, how could I mess up? I'm so dumb.

Well, I'll just... think about the manga.


I'm scared
I feel sick
Something's not right
But I can't place my finger on it

I'm scared
And I'm almost positive it's in my head
But still
I can't place my finger on it

I'm scared
I think it's in my head
What's going on with me right now?
I can't place my finger on it

I'm scared
But I have to look deep
This is important
But I can't place my finger on it

Death in Unexpected Places

My friend died the other day

Hours, days, weeks, months, even years of time spent working, being, experiencing life

Never again will he be able to lounge in the sun without a care in the world
I'm despondent for him, I grieve for him

I've been mourning him
But what use is it?

Oh well, he'll respawn. He needs to find that redstone.

Pandemic Metaphor


our society was sand; it crumbled


I wonder how "rules" for each gender came about.
How did gender even come about in the first place?

Who began the thought that boys and girls were boys and girls, women and men, ladies and gentlemen?
Who decided that humans with a penis and testicles would be known as "boys", and that humans possessing a vagina and a uterus would be known as "girls"?
Where did these names even come from in the first place?

Furthermore, who decided that having a penis makes you smarter, makes you superior? 
And why would they think that the lack of a penis meant the lack of an intelligent mind?
How did the idea pf patriarchy even come about in the first place, like the very first place?

When did the switch occur that caused pink to be a color for girls and blue for boys?  
When did we start building constructs that women were only to spend time housekeeping and having...

Broken Society (365 Prompts)

"While my time here has now come to an end, I want you to know that in the last days and hours of my life you inspired me."

Really? How could we, a broken and crumbling society, inspire someone as important and as bold as you?

"In those days, fear constrained us like an imaginary prison, and troubling thoughts of potential brutality committed for no understandable reason were the bars."

Doesn't fear still do that? Doesn't fear still trap us in a tiny room and eat us alive until there's nothing left but a lifeless shell?

"Now it is your turn to let freedom ring."

I'm trying. I promise I'm trying, but its extremely difficult.
I'm sorry for not trying harder.


I've never lost someone
Other than myself
So I grieve

Stuck in a Spiral

i want to pour my heart out
i want to type everything i've got
all the feelings i've bottled up

i know i can
i know i'm supported by some
But i'm scared about others

some will ask questions
some will tell me i'm a drama queen
some will call me annoying for pushing my problems onto them

i want to
i need to
it's stressful

but deep down i know i can't
no one will love me
at least, others might not

and if i tell some in secret
others may find out
and my life will fall apart

but i can't take it anymore 
i can't

i'm stuck in a spiral of self hate
I want help-

That's enough of you.
No one cares about your problems, you pathetic waste of skin.
No wonder you hate yourself so much, no wonder you know no one will ever love you.

go away

Dear, I can't. ...

The Spark (365 Prompts)

Hello, dear readers,
Each morning I wake up feeling hopeful and expectant, even though it is difficult sometimes
Longing for something new each day will never get me anywhere if I don't take action
Part of the problem is self pity, unfortunately

Maybe we all need to take more steps in order to achieve some sort of happiness
Even if its difficult

I like to think myself lucky

Am I anxious? Yes, quite. Depressed? No, but I know people who are. 
Me being me, I want to help, but I know we must all help ourselves

Leading into the conclusion of this interesting poem of sorts, I ask of you, take action to help yourself
Or help others; helping others may help you help yourself
Seldom do many of us have the courage or will to do so, but we must find it in ourselves
That spark, I say, find that spark that helped you arise from bed this morning....

Insomniacs Match (Part Five)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part five!

    The door to the support room rapidly swung open, causing Mei to startle and drop her half-built apparatus. She huffed and debouched over to the front of the room, her curiosity climbing by the second.
    "Who in the right mind-"
    A piece of paper flew into her face, and the purple-haired boy holding it snarled.
    "I screwed up. I really screwed up," Shinso declared with a sigh.
    Hatsume quickly pulled the sheet of paper off of her face, revealing an English test. A grimace invaded her face when her eyes drifted to...

Dragon, Dragon (365 Prompts)

its wings make strong gusts
the beast glides above the land
apt for his next kill

Enough (365 Prompts)

Lena's face shines as bright as the sun
Her encouragement keeps me going
Her sweet, sweet words spin like fluffy cotton candy
I feel I don't give her enough

Mark is hilarious, we share common interests
He's like my brother, I have to remind him of things sometimes
His joy on some days makes me smile
I feel like I don't give him enough

Bea and I have been connected since kindergarten
She and I may stray, but we always find our way back
She has a caring heart, and her advice is golden
I feel like I don't give her enough

June is cheerful, bubbly, smart
She always finds a way to cheer me up and cheer me on
She stands up for her beliefs and fights for them too
I feel like I don't give her enough

Ruby's creativity inspires me to do more
Her talent on the drawing board is that like none other
She's empathetic and...

Halfway (Please read footnotes!)

I lift the top of my laptop
Eager to check the website

I click on dashboard
And see it


Shock overcomes me
Practically overwhelms me

A smile as bright as a beam of sunshine spreads across my face
As I think to myself

Halfway there


Dust Jacket

I Should Have Done This In September

Prompt 1

1. What is your favorite genre to write? 
    Honestly, I love romance and fantasy. I'm particularly partial to fairies, elves, and halflings. Oh, I also ADORE realistic fiction. Sci-Fi is fun to write but difficult, and historical fiction is really hard to write and just not fun for me.
2. What is your favorite genre to read? 
    Fantasy. Mythology. Anything having to do with mystical, magical creatures and worlds. Also-Rick Riordan. He's a genre in itself. Again, I also love realistic fiction; authors like Wendy Mass and Lisa Greenwald are pretty interesting to me.
3. What draws you to the WtW community? 
    I love how true everyone is on here. More importantly, I adore the connections people make with each other.
4. What do you find most challenging about writing?
    SENTENCE STRUCTURE. It's difficult to not be repetitive when it comes to building sentences in certain ways!
5. Most exhilarating?  
    I'd have to say finding new vocabulary words is...


On top of every bad thing this pandemic has brought us
We can't have snow days?

A Clean Room (The Little Things)

    Sometimes I look at my room and go, "Wow, I feel good about this."
    I have a pretty clean room. Sure, it's mismatched because my parents decided to make it yellow and green before I was born, but now I like the color light purple, so my bedsheets, desk chair, and lamp are all purple, but I could care less. I'm rambling now.
    The point is that a clean room really is important for one's mental health. When my room is clean, it gives me a sense that I have at least one part of my life together. It also inspires me to go and complete more tasks that I've been putting off.
    Best of all, I can see the floor.

Petals of Power (Part IV)

    Hibiscus was confused.
    He was upset and angry and confused. 
    Why, dear Oak, why did he want to serve for her majesty in the first place? He wasn't ready for this, not one bit! He wasn't ready to see others get hurt, nor was he at all ready to witness others die. Too many negative feelings washed over him as he watched Daffodil walk away with the Empress, and the same phenomenon happened when the healers and soldiers were forced to separate.
    As he followed his fellow healers, Hibiscus frantically ran through his cyclone of thoughts and feelings that was simply growing into a category 5 hurricane. He felt utterly upset because of fear of what was to come. The bright-eyed flower wasn't ready for any of it. 
    Hibiscus also felt a mighty knife of hot anger pierce his heart, causing his blood to boil. Why was he forced to...

Robin (365 Prompts)

A robin can easily spread its wings
If we try, we can too

Night Song

When the stars dot the sky and your eyes begin to fall
When you want to curl up cause you feel you can't do anything at all

When you want to run away, want to hide away
Want to sleep your life away
Want yourself to get away 
Want the voices to go away

Just stop
Remember that you're living
You took that step 
Got out of bed
Remember, you're still living
So stop, and
Just breathe <3

Lies (365 Prompts)

    "I lied."
    My heart began to pound furiously, and my stomach tied itself into three hundred knots.
    It was a lie.
    Why would they lie about something like that?! 
    Spots danced in my eyes as my head began to feel a bit too light for my shoulders. 

    I woke up in a cold sweat with every bug imaginable having a war in my stomach. I quickly shut my mouth out of fear of vomiting.
    Thank the gods.
    Just a dream.
    Or a nightmare.

Insomniacs Match (Part Four)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part four!

    Shinso trudged through the corridor on another boring Thursday. His head had a slight ache in it because math class had been absolutely grueling. He couldn't take many more formulas or equations or even numbers, for that matter. 
    Suddenly, he heard rapid footsteps from behind him becoming louder and louder. Shinso was abruptly spun around and came face to face with his peppy, yellow-eyed friend, who was bouncing with excitement.
    "You're going to accompany me to the skate park on Saturday!" Hatsume yelped, loud enough for the hallway to hear. Passers-by turned their heads away and hurried...

Insomniacs Match (Part Three)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part three!

    "His name is Buttons," Hatsume explained eagerly, placing the black and white spotted cat into Shinso's arms. His eyes began to sparkle as he rubbed the fluffy cat's head and scratched it behind his ears. Buttons purred and yawned, then his eyes drifted shut, and the furry creature fell into dreamland. 
    Shinso looked at the dozing kitty for a moment more, then began to glance around the room. He'd never been in someone else's dorm, so he was slightly curious as to how others's dorms were oriented. Shinso took the time to observe as Hatsume fiddled...

Starry Dream (365 Prompts)

The planets are outside my window
Spinning around in their glory
Their colors enlighten me
The engines are running
Outer space flies by
Stars dot the sky
It's gorgeous
It's so-

Insomniacs Match (Part Two)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let's begin part two!

    Shinso strolled down the hallway he'd walked through many times in the past few weeks, heading to the support room yet again. He had to retrieve his scarf that he'd previously left with Hatsume (it needed to be made of a more condensed material) and, to his own astonishment, he was somewhat looking forward to the visit.
    As he stepped, the exhausted student pondered to himself as to why he was anticipated. He had never really felt this way about going anywhere before, except maybe to train with Sensei Aizawa. He and Hatsume had begun to have friendly...

Insomniacs Match

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. They are created by Kohei Horikoshi and used in his manga series My Hero Academia
OTHER DISCLAIMER: This story revolves around a ship. If you do not ship the ship, that is fine, but please don't write mean things about the ship in the comments.

Now, let us begin!

    Shinso ambled down the hallway towards the classroom with the sign that read "Class 1-H." He held his voice-changing apparatus carefully in both of his hands as he approached the towering door. The purple-haired boy hesitated, then proceeded to knock on the door once, twice, and three times. It began to creak open, making Shinso dread the possibility of-
    "Ah! Shinso, hello there! What can I do for you today?" Hatsume asked with a smile on her grease-smeared face. Shinso grimaced. He'd had an inkling that the wide-eyed support student would be the one answering the door. ...

Summertime Peaches (The Little Things)

    In the summertime, the peaches are at their finest. I sink my sharp incisors into their fuzzy skin, capturing the sweet, nectar-like droplets of juice and soft chunk of fruit. Some of the liquidy delicacy drips down my chin, but I barely notice, my mind filled with nothing but comforting thoughts.
    Something nice about peaches is that they are great for a healthy, but sugary and syrupy, snack. Eating them until my stomach hurts is a wonderful way to pass time in the summer, and I usually end up with several peach pits crowding the trash bin. 
    Their color is also neat.

Redhead (365 Prompts)

    As I'm waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, a redhead woman about my age catches my eye. I turn my head to get a good look at her, and our oculi lock. I begin to get lost in two sparkling green pools of wonder. Her hair billows outwards and becomes a fluffy mess that drapes down her sides. I'd love to play with that hair. I notice her freckled skin that seems as soft and smooth as the finest silk. Then, I see her lips. They're round and gorgeous, and...
    Well, crap.
    I need this woman's number. Hey

Bright Red Fruit (365 Prompts)

    I can't remember the last time I sunk my teeth into a sweet, flavorful, juicy tomato.
    Wait, yes I can. I had a dance recital outside on Halloween a few months ago, and in between shows I had to grab something to eat at the Italian market next door. I knew I needed something light, so I got garlic rolls. However, I needed something fresh and cold to refuel my energy, so off to the produce section I went!
    Nothing was really catching my eye until I spotted a pile of bright red spheres the size of apples, just waiting to have their soft skin pierced by the sharp teeth of a ravenous human. Yes, I began craving those tomatoes with every ounce of my being. Suddenly, a thought halted my fantasy. How would we wash it?
    Moments later, I was in the backseat of my dad's car biting into the tomato...

I'm Sorry

My hands are trembling
My heart is pounding louder than any giant ever to roam a world we can't reach
I'm terrified

I'm even more scared of messing things up than I was before
I'm scared of saying something, doing something
And causing everything to fall into shambles

I don't want to, I truly don't
I would never intend to, I promise
But somehow, someway, I'll break this friendship into pieces

I'm trying my best not to let it shatter
I'm trying my best not to let it fall
But accidents happen

While we try to prevent them
They still come about, causing everything behind them to be left in ruin
We still make mistakes

So, my friend,
In advance,
I'm sorry

Weeping Willow (The Little Things)

    This is going to sound ridiculous, but willow trees are absolutely enchanting.
    Every time I see one, I have to stop to observe for a few moments. They have lengthy vines that sway gently in the wind, and in the springtime, those vines explode with green flora. 
    Yeah, weeping willows are great.
    And I love their name.

Firecracker (365 Prompts)

Head nods
Toe taps
Fingers dribble

Stand up
Walk over
Get in position

Explode like a flame and wow the crowd
An endless array of fireworks that just get better as they go along
Funny thing is, the song is Firework

My shoes hit the ground softly each time
But a blast of sparks seems to come from them each time
I'm a firecracker

I Want to Escape

I wish I could travel far away
To Hawaii or some wonderful place such as that
But this pandemic has thrown that all out of proportion

The last time I journeyed on a plane
I was six years old, right after first grade had ended
I hopped on the vehicle and flew off to Disneyworld

I really want to leave this strange place
I want to leave my own mind and soul, flying away
Please let me escape, far away to a great paradise


Sometimes I wonder if I can ever be loved, wanted,
Or even needed
Maybe I feel this way because I feel a bit damaged
Even going so far as to tell myself I'm stupid
Or worthless
Nonetheless, I'll live if no one loves me
Even if it hurts

Praising oneself is a difficult task
Losing sight of your importance is easier
Easier, definitely easier
And I know it's probably for the best
See, I can dislike myself and know no one likes me
Even if it hurts

Loving someone is time consuming
Of course, no one would want to waste their time on me
Very lonely, I will be, but others will be happy
Even if it hurts

Maybe I'll live my life hidden away from others so they don't have to be around me
Even if it hurts

Laptop Screen

"I just don't feel like myself today."

I blink and reread the glowing letters displayed on my laptop screen as an aching begins to take shape inside my chest and spread throughout my torso. 

My eyes scan that sentence, along with a couple others, over and over, faster and faster, rereading and rereading, until all that I can feel is a pounding that courses through my veins and into every last part of me, right down to my fingertips. 

"I just don't feel like myself today."

This hurts. 

Why am I in so much pain?

"I just don't feel like myself today."

I know why.

Seeing people upset makes you upset.

"I just don't feel like myself today."


I can't take it. When someone is in pain, I feel for them. I don't want people to hurt, I really don't. And while I know I can't mend everything, I want to try to help. I want to help as...

Paint (The Little Things)

    Every time I open a tube or can of paint, I smile to myself.
    Truth be told, I haven't done that in several months, maybe years. But there's something about the look and smell of brand-new paint before it's been used. I am highly aware of the fact that paint fumes destroy your brain cells and whatnot, but, honestly, I can't begin to use paint without taking a big whiff. It has a sort of fresh scent, reminding you that you can start life with a clean slate. And the look of paint? Absolutely refreshing. It's so smooth and shiny and perfect, ready to be used on a blank surface. 
    Also, lilac paint is the best.

Petals of Power, Part III

    The carriage carrying the Fives ready to be stretched and pulled into training rolled into the castle courtyard with ease. Even more plants surrounded and filled the courtyard, and the space swelled with greens of every tint and hue. Daffodil was speechless.
    Finally, the carriage stopped in a large and rural courtyard behind the palace and the Chrysanthemums carrying the carriage set it down with ease. The Duke stepped out of a more ornate carriage in front of the stunned Fives and strolled over, his eyes beginning to glint with excitement. 
    "Healers, please follow the Duchess into your living spaces. Soldiers, you will follow me to the barracks and training grounds. Daffodil C, you will follow the Empress and her escort into the castle."
    For the second time that day, Daffodil's ears rang with startling news. Crocus and Hibiscus shared an expression of astonishment while Hyacinth glared in jealousy. 

Better (365 Prompts)

When someone I like or love doesn't feel the same way,
I become despondent, shy, and depressed, I must say

I try not to show it, for fear of more rejection,
But my heart is broken, as we don't have that special connection

While I'm only thirteen, not experienced or wise,
I have a dreadful feeling love will be my demise

I'll fall head over heels for a person quite fair
But quickly recoil when romance isn't there

I'm scared of never being able to find
Someone who loves me and wants to be mine

But, when someone rejects me, I can see
I'll only be sad for a little while, because I know they can find someone better


Snow (365 Prompts)

The soft white cloud blankets the world, gently resting.   
    Children throw it, laugh in it, play in it, enjoy it, love it.
        Personally, I prefer to indulge in sliding down the fluffy mess.
            The wind whips through my hair as my heart rushes into my throat.
                My eyes smile as a holler erupts from my stomach and out of my mouth,
                    Becoming louder and louder, bigger and , crazier and happier,
                        Until finally it's over; I tumble out of the sled and into the pillows that await
                            And look up at the icy bluebell sky, the sun shining more radiantly than my smiling face.

Marshmallows (The Little Things)

    Marshmallows seem to make everything better, specifically hot cocoa.
    I mean, come on. Who doesn't love the melty, gooey goodness of the particular vanilla taste just spreading through something already scrumptious and wonderful? Crazy people, that's who. Plain old hot cocoa is boring, if you ask me. But the satisfying feeling of sprinkling soft white chunks of sugar into a pool of darkness just provides a comforting feeling.
    I can't remember the first time I tried hot cocoa with marshmallows, but I imagine I was flabbergasted and overwhelmed with glee. These days, I still love to curl up on the couch with a delicious cup of chocolatey wonder, speckled with dots of fluffy, sugary delectables. 


Un Sentido Sexto

uso mis ojas
uso mis orejas
uso mis manos
uso mi boca
uso mi nariz

tengo mis cincos sentidos
pero y si hay mas?

Names for Nature

The Tree on The Hill

    This is quite trivial, but it did seem worth sharing.
    There is a small pine tree, about five feet tall or so, in the grass behind my house next to a couple large rocks. Each year, my sister, my next door neighbor, and I "decorate" the tree around Christmastime, using natural objects such as pinecones, tall grass, rocks, and leaves. We have great fun partaking in this activity, and I wanted to name the tree.
    Percy Jackson fans, you might know where this is going.
    The tree is important to me because it stands tall every year, similar to how Thalia's tree is very important to Grover (but for a different reason). Therefore, I want to name this small but important pine tree "Thalia's Mini Tree".
    Who doesn't love a good book reference?

Happiness Haikus

I have made a friend
His words hold kindness and truth
He makes me happy

We talk about things
Like books, school, and musicals
Sharing art as well

We share interests
Things in common bring us close
But I am worried

I am very scared
That I might let my friend down 
Somehow, some way, soon

I do not want that
Not at all; I'll try my best
To make him happy

If I let him down
I'll never forgive myself
So I promise, swear-

That will not happen
I'll keep being his friend; keep
Making him happy

Pandemic Metaphor


It clumps
It becomes lumps
It becomes quite beautiful
It towers and holds hope
But, when you least expect it
It begins to crack and crumble
Chunks topple to the ground
It completely falls apart
Until nothing remains
Except grains

We Don't Know Strangers Yet

Our parents all told us not to talk to strangers
The word tastes icky in my mouth
Why is that term used to refer to people that we don't know
A "stranger" is a person we don't know
The definition of the word "stranger" is "a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar"
We do not know strangers-
Strangers are not weird, or odd, or strange
Strangers are simply people we do not know
Everyone, all of our friends and family, start as strangers
So what's the difference between a stranger and a friend we haven't met?
Is there really a difference?
Why must we walk through life with our guard constantly up instead of letting our arms open up to new people?
Why do we refer to unknown humans as "strangers?"
I think a better term is simply "people we don't know


I have two plush octopi
Their names are Bubbles and Splatter
At night, I hug them, hold them close
And tell them what's the matter

I know they cannot hear my words
But I let them listen, still
If they're not here to catch my tears


Who will?

February Grab Bag


    Pandemonium ensued the moment our physical education teacher stated we would be indulging in the game of dodgeball.
    I'll explain. When you tell a group of immature eighth grade boys that they have the privilege to chuck soft spheres commonly used for second graders at each other, and you add the fact that most of these boys have a greedy hunger for victory, the result is absolute chaos. Imagine a battlefield in World War II, but tone the violence up by about one thousand percent and put dodgeballs that hit painfully into the scene.
    That was our gym class.
    Seemingly dozens of dodgeballs hit many arms, legs, torsos, faces, and heads. I was forced to take shelter in the corner of the room similar to the other girls. However, I was unknowingly an expert at dodging, so guess who was the final one left on my team?
    You guessed it. 

Drawing Process

    I was bored, so I wanted to explain my drawing process.
    First, I start with a basic sketch. This is a circle and chin shape for the head, and blobs and lines that barely resemble anything human. This is layer one, and it's done in a grey pencil.
    The second layer has more specifics. Smoothing out limbs, adding eye, nose, and mouth outlines, and drawing clothes on the figure are all done in a darker pencil line. This is where things begin to come together, but this layer takes awhile.
    The third layer is dedicated to miniscule details, such as pupils in the eyes, eyelashes, bottom lips, wrinkles in the clothes, teeth, tongues, and ruffles in the hair. This layer takes a very small amount of time to complete.
    Next, I tone down the saturation of each layer and begin line art. This is done in a thicker black pen,...

25 Words

This Is Love

    Lips collide in a predicted crash, pulling and pressing each other. Tongues intertwine in an improvised dance, their movements fluid and blissful.
    This is love.


One day when we're rich and old
And wise and swimming around in gold,
I'll look into your eyes and tell you the truth, the truth, the truth

"I love you much more everyday,
I want to keep you safe," I'll say, 
And we'll both reminisce about our youth, our youth, our youth

Slaying dragons, great and tall,
Kissing under the waterfall,
Finding treasures all around,
And seeing the king in his Great Hall

Making potions, casting spells
Secrets only we did tell,
Gazing at shrines that we had found,
And we'll remember it all so well!

One day when my days are up,
I'll squeeze your hand, your face I'll cup
And look into your eyes like in our youth, our youth, our youth

My lips will part and then release
My dying breath, I'll rest in peace
Knowing that you finally know the truth, the truth, the truth


25 Words

This Is Love

    I tumbled through the void, my hair whipping in the wind. The next thing I knew, I was facedown in grass. The air was different. 

Petals of Power, Part II

    A statement from the Empress herself caused Daffodil to snap out of her troubling trance.
    "I know you all are excited, maybe stunned, possibly nervous, but please, settle down. The final Five, one I chose, shall be occupying a specific role. Daffodil C, please step forward."
    Everyone in the square promptly came to a halt, speech, movement, and all. Daffodil's ears rang with the words the Empress had expressed. Daffodil C. Daffodil C. The very thought of working for the Empress, and not just in the army or medical field, was exhilarating. She began to wonder what tasks she would have to perform. Was she going to be a servant? A chef? A secretary? The possibilities were endless, and the thoughts kept swirling around in Daffodil's head as she ambled over to her friends and classmates. 
    "These Fives will carry the future," the Empress declared as she had every other time Fives had been...

Song Writing Competition 2021

Hole in my Heart

I used to love
That fell apart
Now all that's left is this hole in my heart

I can't be happy
Can't make a start
All that I've got is this hole in my heart

My chest is pounding right into my brain
It's striking my head and it's aching' me, breaking' me
Can't handle feeling the frightening pain
It's constantly hurting, it's quaking' me, shakin' me

What can I do when there's nothing to gain?
I try to keep going, but it's too much strain
Fighting and fighting, try breaking these chains
But no matter what, it all still remains

Efforts in vain to try to contain
The hurting that reigns and stays inhumane
Just let me stay sane, and let me obtain

Happiness, love, success, a restart
And don't make me explain

Why there's a hole in my heart!

Petals of Power

    Daffodil tumbled carelessly down the grassy hill, her short golden locks whipping around in the gusts of wind that raced through the meadow. Her yellow dress became stained with spots of lime as she finished her roll and sat up. 
    "Daf, you know the Empress is coming to town to speak to us in an few moments!" Crocus scolded, her hands firmly planted on her hips and her purple eyes sparkling with aggravation. "You have to be cleaned up by then, and you can't change your dress until tomorrow morning!" 
    Daffodil rolled her eyes, wiped her dress off, and stood up. Her legs were bruised and a goopy nectar was seeping through some cuts. "Relax, I can just use some grass to cover this up," Daffodil explained to her irritated friend.
    Crocus scowled and grabbed Daffodil's wrist, dragging her across the meadow and back to the rear entrance of town, where Hibiscus was...

The Drabble

Ice Cream

    Ruby sighed in emotional exhaustion as she stepped out of her noisy and chaotic house. She was thoroughly sick of the yelling and screaming and was relieved to see Trixie waiting for her on the sidewalk. 
    "Ruby! C'mon, we're going to the ice cream shop!"
    Ruby eagerly ran with her best friend all the way to the charming ice cream parlour on the corner. After receiving the frosty, sweet treat, she licked the creamy delicacy. Delectable. It was as if the angels themselves had blessed the scrumptious snack, making it all the more inviting. Ice cream was the perfect escape.

January Grab Bag

Yellow Walls

My eyes flutter open as my heart begins to pound faster
I look up and see an amber glow
Illuminating my world, my life, my home
Providing my eyes with an experience that seems to last a lifetime

The golden tint spreads throughout the space
Reaching every corner and crevice
Slithering into every nook and cranny
Crawling into every crack and cavity

The lemon continues to circulate around the area
Reaching my eyes, it darts back and forth in between 
Each oculus tries to focus on something
But the color is too enchanting to be ripped away from

Suddenly, I'm in a separate world
A universe made completely of solid gold
A dimension created from the sun itself
A realm constructed of endless void of bright, bright buff

I blink, and it is all gone
I sit up, rubbing my eyes, and slide on my slippers
As I exit the room, I take one last long observation
Of my surroundings,...

Still Keeps Growing

When you told me you were in pain,
    I started sending a drizzle of words
    Few words, encouraging words
    Just to gently splash your skin
    Just to gently wet your face
    Just to gently tickle your nose and soothe the burns,
        But the fire still kept growing.

When you told me you hated yourself,
    I sent the words pouring down,
    Hundreds of reassuring and upbeat words
    Making you stand in a puddle and face the truth
    Making you soaking and dripping with drops of words and conversations
    Trying to wash away the pain,
        But the fire still kept growing.

When you told me you wanted to die,
    I sent roaring waves of words
    Thousands upon thousands of supportive and hopeful words
    Crashing onto you, making your skin salty with phrases ...


Right now, we stand in a dark pool of confusion,
The waves of emotion pulling us from place to place
As we mull over what to do next

Freedom seems so tantalizingly close
Within our grasp, yet we cannot reach it,
For we are forbidden to touch it

Freedom is like a white hot flame
It is so beautiful, so powerful, so mesmerizing
Yet it is painful to the touch

However, right now, we are willing to give up anything for a taste of freedom
To feel it coarse through our blood, to feel it touch our lips
With freedom, we are invincible

And while we ponder and ponder in this murky pool
Wondering if we will ever get out
We see a glimmer of light

Pure, undying light that we stagger to, crawl to, lurch for
Light that we will get to eventually 
If we listen and hope

Listening and hoping, being optimistic
Love and encouragement, positivity
Openness and...


The sun rises
The day begins
With a sharp light on the horizon
That always
Marks the beginning of a new life.

The world wakes up
With lights
And sounds
And feelings
And life.

Some open their eyes in a home
Others open their eyes outside
We stretch
We get up
And then begin a new day of our lives.

We feel the rain
Or the sun
Or the snow
Or the mist
In our everyday lives.

Some shout with glee
Some cry out in pain
Some hide in the shadows
Until someone 
Helps them live.

We work
We play
We hurt
We frolic
We live.

The Phantom

Anna frowned. The house was nothing like she had imagined. She had expected a pretty beige house with maroon shutters and a matching door, and maybe a large yard with a towering tree to hang a swing from and a white picket fence. Instead, she was stuck with an abnormally broken down house with missing shutters, dead grass and trees, and only the scarce remains of a fence that had once been standing strong. 
The entire yard was covered in a thick layer of fog, but the worst part about it was that the kids down the street had told her a rumor of malicious spirits living in the house. Before the old woman who had previously lived in it passed away, she left a window open and the house had been haunted ever since. No one had ever gone in and came out alive since then, so the house had started to collapse. 
Anna didn’t believe any of this...


No, not the flight company. I'm talking about the color. Indigo is the sixth color of the spectrum, and it is a symbol of wisdom. It has a rich blueish-purplish tone and is used as a dye for many things such as cloth. It comes from a plant, also called indigo, and has been a worldwide craze throughout history. 
    Indigo agriculture originated in the Indus Valley civilization more than five thousand years ago, where the natives called it "Nila," meaning "deep blue." Then, the greedy Europeans traveled to India and acquired a huge amount of it, realizing that it could be a tremendous success around the globe. They were familiar with the beautiful dye already, but it had been imported to the Europeans in very small amounts, not enough to sell for much money. Now, they knew that, with this many indigo plants, they could sell it and get a ton of money. People were willing to pay a...


There once was a man
    Who lay down in the sand
        And sobbed and wept and cried

He wished to go to heaven
    And when the churchbells rang seven
        He starved himself and died

Neither Heaven he went
    Nor Hell was he sent
        But rather a space in between

He stayed there was lost
    Forgotten, no cost
        And never again was he seen



    The name flew off of his lips ever so gently, like a snowflake drifting in the wind. He handed her the rose quickly, without a second thought. He stifled a gulp. He could do this. No problem. After all, she liked him back.
    Didn’t she?

Chapter One: Biking

    Derek sighed as his eyes drifted towards Maria, the girl he’d liked since fourth grade. Ever since she picked him to be his partner for a project, he’d admired her considerably. She sat at table ten, across the lunchroom from him, and she tutored Derek in math.
    Math. The worst subject. Too many formulas, equations, and symbols. The fact that he had discalculia didn’t help. Derek always got so frustrated. So angry. So… furious. But Maria was always there, helping him relax, going over the problems dozens of times. 
    “Earth to Derek! Dude!” Matthew snapped his fingers in Derek’s face and smirked. “Thinking about Maria again, eh, Derek?”
    Derek’s face...

“Heaven of Freedom”


Where we can be
    Where we can live without discrimination or injustice
    Where we can see through each other's eyes
    Where we can love who we have a burning passion for
    Where we can play and work and talk and laugh together, without worrying about the color of our skin
    Where we can do what we've strived to do our entire lives
    Where we can help nature thrive and flourish
    Where we can all live as one, a union, a family.


A Single Leaf

A single amber leaf floats down, 
Lazily drifting in the crisp Autumn air
It lands on my nose, ever still, ever silent
I turn my head

To see an entire foliage of fire colored leaves;
Crimson, orange, peach, lemon, yellow, blonde
Many colors that represent beauty
Many colors that represent growth

The leaves on the tree sway with the wind
Ever so gently, ever so beautiful
I smile, placing the leaf in my pocket
And continue my walk down the city street

Psychic Distance


A young lady, no more than fourteen, jumped out of a tree and collapsed. She appeared to be injured.

Roxanne took a leap of faith and landed hard on her ankle. She winced and yelped in pain. 

Jumping from the high tree, Roxanne fe3lt that familiar rush. Only this time, it ended differently. Crunch. She cringed and cried out, her ankle throbbing. Not again, she thought. My arm just healed!

Roxanne LOVED climbing and jumping out of trees.It made her feel so free. She flew out of the grand oak, spreading her wings like a bird. She landed on the ground with a crunch and yelled. Roxanne knew she had broken her ankle, right after she'd gotten the cast on her arm off. 

A Bird with Wings


    I find that art is the best way to express oneself through music, color, and so many other components that make up art. It is beautiful and inspiring, and so much passion and love goes into creating a piece of artwork. Truthfully, art can be quite stressful. Sometimes, you just can't get that ear to look right, or that note you sing sounds pitchy, or maybe-I could go on for hours. But the thing is, the art community is a place to express yourself, and we're not perfect; therefore, there is plenty of room for mistakes in art. So please, don't beat yourself up over something that expresses YOU.

"My Heart is Like"

My Heart Is Like

I know what my heart is like.
    Since I was but a fetus;
My heart is like a glorious bird
Soaring through the cool spring air, 
    Bellowing a mighty call
    As it dips down into the canopy of trees,
Searching for its mate.

Inspired by Edna Saint Vincent Millay's "Ebb"