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i write (mostly) poems about love and heartbreak, although this is something i've never experienced myself. my only references to the emotion/feelings i put into my poems are books i've read. as such, i'm always open to critique about making my writing more relatable/heartfelt!

please do NOT steal my work! it is not a fun feeling when i have my literature stolen, so please refrain from doing so.

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ship of souls

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

if you'd like, you can check out my my poem 'moonchild', and possibly leave a review on it ;)

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burning fire


i saw the the little passionateness of my generation destroyed,
how i mourned the fervency
down, down, down into the darkness of the despair,
gently it goes - the stingy, the footling, the minuscule.

sporadic abandon
i assumed i was brave-hearted
but no 

the incredulous flame sings like a fiery attack
to get me wondering if the fire is unreasonable
if everything i loved, hoped for, worked for,
is unreasonable

now confused is just the thing,
to get me...

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PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

you kissed away my silent tears
and whispered the moon in my ears;
the taste of sweet rose champagne on your lips
and your euphonious voice
drawing me in,
turning my fearless heart weak.

your eyes were shining constellations in the galaxy;
looking into them turned the cataclysm
into breathless equanimity.

we were drunk in each other’s embrace,
stuck in a black hole of love
as if gravity was pulling us together
with star-crossed promises of forever.

you called me...

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six feet


we stand watching the sunset
together, but apart
this isn't close enough
bring me closer
but i can't

the sun falls behind the hill
stars fill the sky
and we stand there

i got you
but being to hug you
kiss you 
smell your hoodie,
filled with the scent of lavender soap and sweat
would be a lagniappe
the most beautiful lagniappe

as the deep night arrives 
a quiet sibilance follows it
peaceful, tranquil, 
but not enough
this new...

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