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When you’re at a loss for an idea or feeling uninspired, a prompt magically opens new doors. Write away writer’s block, push beyond your comfort zone, experiment with topics and styles—from flash fiction to memoir, opinions to poems, essays to tweets.

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"The Places We’ll Go"
VIGNETTE — A guided tour.
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Band Name
Invention — Grab your listeners.
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October Grab Bag
PROMPTS — By WtW Writers
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Sound the Alarm
Opinion — Hope from action.
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The Things They Carried
Prose List — The physical and figurative.
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REFLECTION — What is your experience of starting anew?
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Mysteries Abound
List — What we don’t know.
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[Insert Age]
Reflection — Your years.
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Letter to the Editor
Reaction — Short and snappy.
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Three Month Window
SELF ANALYSIS — What habit do you want to change now?
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Diminishing Verse
Poem — Removing letters.
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Oral Histories
TRANSCRIPTION — Preserve your family’s stories.
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YOU, The Writer
MAP — What happens when you sit down to write?
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Dust Jacket
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